StyleStew Saturday

Welcome to the Jungle….err, my StyleStew Saturday post!

Kristen surprised us all when she showed up in Anaheim to promote Snow White and the Huntsman at WonderCon this month!  She sent us into a whirlwind of excitement just by being there, but what sent us into a tizzy was her outfit.  I adored Kristen’s, I mean ROB’S, I mean…Let’s try this again. KRISTEN WORE ROB’S SWEATSHIRT TO A PUBLIC EVENT.  There. That’s better.

Kristen looked comfy and all vintage-cool in this old-school Cincinnati Bengals sweatshirt under her Balenciaga leather jacket.  She’s been seen wearing the leather jacket since her trip to Paris this past month, but we can now add the sweatshirt to the list of hobo-sharing.

The best place to look for a authentic vintage pullover crew sweatshirt would be a consignment or vintage shop; however, more and more stores right now are carrying graphic tees and sweatshirts.  Any funky text, quote, graphic, or picture that appears out of the ordinary and unique on a piece of clothing would look playful underneath a hardcore (p)leather jacket.  The sweater will be less bulky if you find one without a hood, like Rob’s.

Actually, if you like sports and your team’s colors are black and orange, definitely use their merchandise!  Also, college or university paraphernalia showcased underneath the jacket gives the outfit a campus-spirited feel.

It may be too hot wherever you live to wear this now, but keep it in mind for the Fall 2012 season or a trip to somewhere cooler!  Wear the jacket during the early mornings and late evenings, then stay comfy during the day in the sweater.  Kristen wore it in sunny LA, so try it out and have fun putting the pieces together!

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