SWATH WonderCon Coverage from ExtraTV

Stay Tuned! Extra will be airing some exclusive SWATH panel footage from WonderCon plus Ben Lyons’ interview with Charlize & Kristen!

YouTube version:


Theron turned to Stewart, and laughed, “It’s amazing to me, I feel like if we sold some pay-per-view tickets to a fight, of you and Lily [Collins], and Julia [Roberts] and me, like, we can make a lot of money!” 
Theron, 36, recently adopted a baby boy named Jackson, and gushed, “It’s been exactly what I wanted.”

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One thought on “SWATH WonderCon Coverage from ExtraTV

  1. SO CUTE! I only now realize how incredibly tiny Kristen is! She's half the size of Charlize who is also thin, amazing body and all that, but Kristen looks like a miniature doll between the 2 

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