Band of Horses Mentions Kristen in Billboard Brazil

Você viu o filme Eclipse, com “Life On Earth” na trilha?
Sim. Esses filmes são muito bons. As pessoas do filme legais, eles vão aos nossos shows.

Os fãs ou os atores?
Os dois. A Kirsten Stewart, por exemplo. Ficamos orgulhosos de ela gostar das nossas músicas. Não conheci ela pessoalmente, mas fico feliz que tenha ido a nossos shows.

Have you seen the movie Eclipse, with “Life On Earth” on the trail? 
Yes. These movies are very good. The people of the film, they are going to our shows.

The fans or the actors? 

Both. The Kirsten Stewart, for example. We are proud of her liking our music. I have never known her personally, but I am happy that she has gone to our shows.

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Here is a video of speechless Kristen of how much she loves Band of Horses while she was promoting The Runaways at SXSW in 2010:

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  1. thanks for the posts about their interests… I love their taste and enjoy discover new things through this great couple

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