BFD Friday

Ahhh, yes! BickeringRobsten from the beginning! What could be better foreshadowing of their relationship and their MTV First interview then R/K in this 2008 bubble?! Nikki Reed and Rachelle LeFevre drop out of the picture as Rob and Kristen become their own universe and have a flirty conversation and staring contest right there for all to see.

At 4:21:

Interviewer: “What was it about him? What did he have that was it?”

Rob: *looks at Kristen and smirks* “Hmmm?”

Kristen gets very fidgety. “You know…he didn’t look like he was just totally preoccupied with looking good. You looked uh, terrified…”

Rob: “Really bad!”

Kristen: “He’s also incapable of lying, which sometimes works to his advantage and sometimes not at all. But in that case, it did.”

Rob: When doesn’t it work?

Kristen: “Ummm, buddy?”

Rob: “Whatttt?”

*things get incoherent* *enter adorable banter*

Rob: Yeah!

Kristen: Nooooopppeeee.

Rob: Why?!

Kristen: Well, I mean, who wants to watch an actor lie on screen?

Rob: What are you saying?

Kristen: Okay, now you’re making me feel bad.


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2 thoughts on “BFD Friday

  1. I love this post so fucking much, its a BIG FUCKING DEAL!!!!
    I want to say that I love that you do this A LOT!!!!!
    And this video I love it
    specially when kristen is like “buddy”
    I love them!!!!!!
    I dont like Nikki in this vdeo but whatevs!!!!!!!!!1

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