BFD Friday: Cannes Inspired!

With the exciting news that both Rob and Kristen will be attending the 2012 Cannes Film Festival in May for their roles in Cosmopolis and On the Road, respectfully, I thought we’d take a look back at Rob’s first and most recent visit to Cannes in 2009 when he was promoting New Moon. All I can say is I hope Rob wears a shirt like that again this year – it’s all kinds of flattering!

In this interview, he jokes about accepting fame (“I’m not him. I get that all the time.”), filming New Moon, and poses beautifully for the cameras.

Here is his appearance on the Grand Journal (dubbed in French) during his last trip to Cannes! I mean, just look at him! And watch the Cosmopolis trailer here!

Also, I thought I’d add Moviephone’s Unscripted with Rob and Kristen in 2008 when they promoted Twilight because Kristen talks about her first reaction to getting the role of “Marylou” in On the Road. Can you believe this movie was in the works at that time with Kristen involved and it’s just being released now?! Time flies! Watch the On the Road trailer here!

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