Details on Rob and Kristen’s Date Night in LA (4/7)

(NOTE: The photo above is NOT new. It’s from March 8, 2012 in Paris.)

Kristen Stewart turns 22 today, so it should come as no surprise that she spent her birthday weekend with boyfriend Robert Pattinson. TheTwilight couple hit up Harvard & Stone on Saturday night, one of their favorite bars in the outskirts of Hollywood. Casually dressed as usual, the couple made a low key entrance and hung together inside.

If Harvard & Stone sounds familiar, it should…

The bar is owned by the same people as Pour Vous, the lounge Robert Pattinson, 25, was spotted at last week. Gossip sites had a field day because he and Lindsay Lohan were both in attendance at the soft opening of Pour Vous, but as Celebuzz reported Thursday, the outing was “totally innocent” and there was “nothing more to it” than two friends supporting the owners.

See? Last week was no big deal.


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