Fan Encounter w/ Rob Upon His VC Arrival


  • I met him in Seattle as he connected thru here from DC. No paps here just me, but paps in Vancouver prob got shots of him.
  • Hes impossibly fast, and strong. His skin is pale white and ice cold… and I just met him! #edwardcullen #robertpattinson #twilight
  • Got an autograph & a photo with Robert Pattinson as he travelled to begin reshoots on Twilight Breaking Dawn Pt 2.
  • Such a cool guy and NO bodyguard! It was like when I met him in the good ol days filming the first Twilight movie in Portland Oregon.
  • So yes twifans Robert Pattinson has arrived in Vancouver for Twilight one last time, have fun and good luck!
  • One more thing of note, It was funny watching every girl and woman turn and do double takes and just stare at him as he walked by.#pimp
  • Not really other than a hi/thanks exchange he was in a big rush 2 get 2 a more private area quick b4 he was noticed by more people
  • we didnt talk much, he just said hi, I asked him 2 sign & a photo with & he said sure & I thanked him, & he was off.
  • And before anyone asks, NO he did not just come out of the mens restroom!


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