Kristen Talks About Charlize in Vogue UK

Kristen talks about Charlize for Ms. Theron’s cover story in the May 2012 issueVogue UK:

“[Charlize] can do that switch-it-on-and-off thing. She is so tuned in to what she’s doing when she’s working that when she comes out of it and is all lightness and laughter, it can be almost a shock.”

Rupert Sanders agreed with Kristen and jokingly added, “[Charlize] has the mouth of a sailer -and the entire crew loved that, watching her being lowered into a vat of crude oil for one scene, screaming ‘You f*cking c*nts!’ at the top of her voice. It was very endearing.”

Charlize says of her character, the evil Queen Ravenna, “I don’t need people to be sympathetic to Ravenna. I just want them to understand what made her the way she is.”

The issue of British Vogue is on UK newsstands now and will be available in the US in a few weeks.

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