Kristen Tribute Art Show in LA

Artwork that will be in the show:
by Keven Wada
Artist’s note:

“Here’s a piece I completed for a show I agreed to be in dedicated to the one and only Kristen Stewart. It was an odd request but I was really excited (and honored) to be asked to contribute. The premise was simple: a piece on Kristen Stewart. It could have any tone or concept I wanted. I could be admiring and adoring, or cynical and snippy. I decided for something kooky and spooky, where the meaning could be sort of hazy. I see Kristen Stewart as this kind of dark, non-Hollywood type of girl who was thrust under the microscope because of a hugely insane tween series. She’s uncomfortable with her fame, and comes off with an attitude or “edge.” I neither see this as a good or bad thing, and wanted a way to convey all this while calling back to the very franchise that has made her seem ungrateful or uninterested. Hope you enjoy, tell me what you take from the imagery.”

Artwork Source
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2 thoughts on “Kristen Tribute Art Show in LA

  1. oh this is extremely interesting and exciting! wondering if MommaStew is involved in this as she is an artist herself. Cannot wait for all the artwork to surface on the internet

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