More Details on Robsten’s Coachella Appearance Last Night (Apr 22)

Here’s an excerpt of @Jen_McDonnell‘s Robsten Coachella encounter:

She was holding Robert Pattinson’s hand and they were with a couple of other people. He was wearing a grey tshirt and looking like his usual disheveled, adorable self, while she looked gorg in a black top and red lipstick. They were wondering about someone named Nikki’s whereabouts.

These kids seem like a normal young couple who rarely get to do normal things, and I didn’t want to ruin their moment. They were wandering around the general population unnoticed, and I was reluctant to invade their privacy (more so than I already have).
What were they wearing? Did they look loving? Has his hair grown out or will he need a wig for the Breaking Dawn reshoots? Have I ever seen another couple so epically soul-matey? I’d love to tell you all that I watched him throw her down on the grass and make love to her before a unicorn appeared to whisk them into the clouds, but they were just a normal looking couple surrounded by their normal looking friends, eager to see Radiohead like the rest of us.

You just want to hear about how she rested her hand on his chest (which she did) and how he took her hand and led her through the crowd to the VIP section (which he did).

You can read the rest of the encounter here.


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