Robsten to Walk ‘On The Road’ Red Carpet Together?!

Looks like Cannes will be a time to make love, not war.

We previously prepared you for the film festival battle royale that could go down between our favorite Twilight twosome, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, seeing as both K.Stew’s On the Road and R.Pattz’s Cosmpolis are set to compete.

But now we hear that it’s all about support in the south of France—and not just from Kristen’s BF:

First, let’s talk Mr. Pattinson.

It looks like we won’t have to wait until Breaking Dawn Part 2 hits theaters in November to see R.Pattz and K.Stew hit a carpet togetherbecause sources tell us that Rob will be attending the On the Road screening with Kristen.

Yes, the often private duo will be stepping out publicly, or so we’re told by sources in-the-know about the couple’s travel plans.

Which means we might just score more pics of the duo than (hopefully) some PDA-packed paparazzi photos of the two at the beach (or on a yacht…or any of the other Cannes hot spots, naturally).

But before you get your horny Robsten knickers in a bunch, the twosome will actually be a trio: Kristen’s mom, Jules Stewart, is apparently attending as well!

Maybe it’s Jules’ way of publicly approving of her daughter and longtime BF? Or is that reading too much into it? We already know the families like each other anyway, so who cares!

But what should be an eyebrow raiser is seeing her sweet, little Stew getting all sexy on the big screen (that Marylou is quite the minx, haven’t you heard?). Heck, Kristen delivers a bit of topless action in the trailer for the film.

Guess Jules should be used to it by now though, what with Kristen’s IMDb résumé boasting big-screen spots as a stripper and part-time prostitute and a lady-lovin’, drugged-out rock star.

Plus, the elder Stewart has a somewhat controversial film of her own coming out. Must run in the family!

Either way, while they say three’s a crowd, we’re just happy to have a fancy Robsten date on the books.


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One thought on “Robsten to Walk ‘On The Road’ Red Carpet Together?!

  1. I believe they'll be in Cannes at the same time promoting their individual movie projects, but I doubt they will walk the red carpet together.  This is all gossip & speculation, same as the info we got about the Valentine premiere (even though she did not say Rob & Kris exactly, we all assumed).  I hope this is true, but I wouldn't hold my breath.  I honestly can't wait to see Kristen with her OTR cast mates.  I truly feel like a proud mother hen.  I know how much she loves that project and to see her finally promoting something spectacular other than twighlight makes me so proud. I know she is going to Rock that carpet with her OTR crew.. 

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