‘Snow White’ stunt Coordinator Praises Kristen Stewart’s Horse Riding

For Snow White And The Huntsman, Kristen Stewart had to learn to ride a horse, and according to stunt coordinator Steve Dent, she caught on pretty well!

This new, behind-the-scenes video featuring the Snow White And The Huntsman stunts debuted on MTV today, and a little bit of Stewart’s work on her film horse was previewed.

Dent said, “She’s done really well, actually. She was very nervous to start with, and she continues to be slightly nervous about it, which is good . . . It means she’s not so gung ho about it and lighthearted or anything stupid, she’s very cautious, but she’s done some lovely stuff . . . She’s very good; she listens.”

Other stuntwork discussed in the clip include the massive fight scenes and donning armor suits.

Head to the video sidebar section to watch!

Snow White And The Huntsman hits theaters on June 1st and features Kristen Stewart as “Snow White,” Charlize Theron as “Ravenna, the Evil Queen,” and Chris Hemsworth as “The Huntsman.”

You can view the ‘Snow White and the Huntsman Behind-The-Scenes MTV video here!

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