StyleStew Saturday

Feeling frisky after Friday? Kristen sure went bold when she attended the Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton Exhibition this past March!

This hot little number is Louis Vuitton – appropriate, of course! It’s not Balenciaga, but sometimes an actress has to respect other designers in the fashion world! This leopard print is wild and sexy, but the three-quarter length sleeves kind of make this outfit for me.  It just proves you don’t have to show any cleavage or a ton of skin to look hot.  Granted, Kristen is wearing her signature above-the-knee mini dress, but it’s unique and the print is different for her!  Not to mention her sex hair waves and smokey eyes cannot be ignored.

How to you achieve this same wild-child-but-glam style without being overdressed? Read on after the picture below!

Alright, so I can’t lie – I love animal prints of all kinds.  Cheetah, zebra, giraffe (weird, but true), and leopard, but leopard on Kristen was just… *thud*.  I died when I first saw her in this dress.  It’s so feminine, but totally Kristen’s style.

You could approach this in so many different ways.  My favorite way is to work it into an accessory instead of wearing the print head to toe.  It’s just enough of a touch without being overwhelming.  Try to find a green cheetah or leopard scarf (or even a regular colored print) and pair it with a white v-neck and cargo shorts. It will be very safari of you.

Then, for your night out, you can either switch the cargo shorts for a pair of dark skinny jeans OR if you’re lucky enough to find one, wear a forest green leopard dress like the ROMWE one below (LOVE).  Wake up the next day, soak up the sun in your deep green two-piece push up bikini from H&M.  Be inspired by the color and don’t get too caught up in the literal outfit!

Have fun shopping and get wild! You know you want to!

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