StyleStew Saturday

Stew’s got the style, the flawless face, the untamed sexy hair! She has everything! Here is how YOU can get her look, too!
I adore this tribal print tee on Kristen and it is everywhere right now! Even though Kristen’s Citizens of Humanity Falling Arrow Perfect T-Shirt may have cost a lot, you can go into any store right now and find something just like it, especially in surf stores like PacSun!
Her J Brand jeans are black, so any black pair of skinnies will work! The Thomas Wylde belts she is wearing are super cool and make the look a lot edgier, but aren’t necessary! If you cannot find belts like this or aren’t a big fan of them (like me), go without ’em!  Instead, throw on your fave pair of scuffed up boots, like Kristen’s Frye Veronica Shortie Boots and some gold bangles and you’re ready to take on the wild outdoors! 😉
Here is the another StyleStew I did from this EW photoshoot, but with Kristen’s other outfit!
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