We Want Rob & Kristen in a Romantic Comedy

Taryn from CELEBUZZ recently interviewed the writer and director of The Five Year Engagement and asked him about who he should work with next! Although we’d LOVE to see Robsten do another film together, especially a ROMANTIC COMEDY, we don’t see this happening in the near future 😉

Stoller and I started discussing actors he should work with, so obviously I suggested Kristen Stewart. You know I’m pushing for her to do a romantic comedy!
“Kristen Stewart, yeah she could be really funny,” Nick said in agreement. “That’s a really good idea. We’ll get both her and Robert [Pattinson].”
No complaints here! Stewart told me back at the junket for Breaking Dawn Pt. 1 she would “would die” to work with Rob again post-Twilight, and that she would be up to do a romantic comedy.
Stoller, Segel, Stewart, Pattinson…sounds like a dream team to me! What do you guys think?


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One thought on “We Want Rob & Kristen in a Romantic Comedy

  1. Natürlich fände ich es super die beiden wieder zusammen vor der Kamera zu sehen.Ob Komödie,Erotik Thriller,oder gar in einem Remake von….Wäre echt toll.Sorry,aber waren die beiden nicht für die Verfilmung “Shades of Grey” vorgesehen?Na ja wir werden sehen,freue mich tierisch auf Breaking Dawn Part 2.Und werde jetzt ins Kino gehn und mir Cosmopolis ansehen.Bis demnächst.

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