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@ 1:48 “We should ask Kristen, she’s probably pregnant” Re: set baby boom

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In March, Charlize Theron revealed that she had adopted a baby boy named Jackson, and we congratulated her on her first Mother’s Day while she shared her feelings on raising a child in the media spotlight.

“Obviously I understand [the media attention],” said Theron from outside the Arundel Castle in West Sussex, England. “I also feel like I want to do everything in the world to protect this very innocent little boy, who is going to have an awesome mom but she has a sucky job that everybody wants to know about.”

The Oscar winner clarified that she loves her fans and her job, but that the paparazzi has always made her uncomfortable.

One of the perks of Theron’s career is getting to play dress up, as she does in Snow White and The Huntsman. In the film, the Evil Queen (Theron) desires everlasting beauty and literally gets it by draining life from younger women. To achieve this goal, The Evil Queen targets Snow White, played by Twilight star Kristen Stewart. The role of The Huntsman is played by Thor star Chris Hemsworth.

The movie grabbed Hemsworth’s attention by sticking much closer to the darker source material, written by The Brothers Grimm, than the brightly colored world Walt Disney painted more than a half-century ago.

“Initially, I didn’t jump at it, but then I read the script and it was such a different take on it,” said Hemsworth, who is also a new parent. He and wife Elsa Pataky welcomed a baby girl on Friday.

“It is classically what you think Snow White is going to be but it lives in a really dangerous world,” said Kristin Stewart. “I am through-and-through Snow White … but we just test her. It’s like, ‘Let’s see if Snow White can survive this.'”

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