Celebuzz Interviews SWATH Costume Designer Colleen Atwood [Mentions Kristen]

Celebuzz’s Taryn Ryder interviewed ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ costumer designer, Oscar winner Colleen Atwood, about creating the amazing looks for the film.

Ms. Atwood told Celebuzz“I sat down with Kristen and we talked about her take on it,” the costumer designer told Celebuzz. “I saw her physicality and knew that she was a good girl for moving around and doing a lot of action.”

What did Atwood change for Kristen?

Knowing Kristen’s love of getting involved in filming physical stunts, Atwood ditched Snow White’s famous frilly gown for tattered, leather leggings.

“You make it so it works for them,” she said. “The second thing is that you make it so they look good in it — which for her wasn’t too big of a struggle.”

Click here to see a full article of Colleen Atwood talking about SWATH costumes + pics


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