Charlize Talks Kristen and SWATH with Dazed Digital

DD: What intrigued you about Rupert Sander’s take on the story?

Charlize Theron: I thought he was incredibly visual so I was very excited to tell this emotional story that will connect with people in this very visual world. I liked that he was interested in shaking it up and turning it on its head.

DD: Did you have any words of advice for your co-star, Kristen Stewart?

Charlize Theron: From the first moment we met each other, we just really got along great. I don’t really want to go through my life with relationships that don’t just feel authentic. We’re just really good friends and as friends we inspire each other purely by living our lives the wa

y we do. I look at her and the way she lives her life and I can see she’s doing it because she loves it. She’s not pretending to be this thing to please other people – probably for her it’s harder with all this success. So to watch her do that is really inspiring to me.

DD: How was it working with Colleen Atwood on the costumes?

Charlize Theron: We call her the Oscar Queen. She’s incredible. Costumes especially in a story like this are really informative and she likes to work from a place of character. So with her it’s this constant discovery of who is this person you’re playing. On top of that she has an incredible eye and her craftsmanship is amazing. She just loves dressing characters.


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