Chris Hemsworth on Kissing Kristen Stewart & Lack of Sex Scenes

When we grabbed an exclusive chat with Chris Hemsworth at the Snow White and the Huntsman press junket this week we simply HAD to grill him on his relationship with Kristen Stewart.

One thing's for sure there was no lack of sexual tension between the Huntsman Chris Hemsworth and Snow White Kristen Stewart in the movie.

But there's a severe lack of rolling-around-in-the-bushes sex/fumbling/stroking in hot new movie SWATH – with instead just a couple of kisses (we don't want to give too much away).

But according to hot Aussie actor Chris, the whole sexual frustration thing was all part of the plan.

He said: “Yeah. There's some unfinished business there. It's certainly left open. Who knows whether it will continue. It was nice.

“I liked the way it wasn't neatly packaged. didn't end up in the obvious scenario that we'd either known or might have made the assumption.”

And Chris Hemsworth made omg! feel extremely pervy when we told him we'd like to have seen more groping.

He said: “You would really? That's a different film altogether.”

Yes perhaps it is.

Meanwhile one half of the hottest brother duo in town told us that it hurt quite a lot when Twilight star Kristen Stewart punched him in the film.

He said: “It hurt a lot. It spun me out of the shot.”

And he told us that K-Stew is quite the little fighter, adding: “For such a small girl she packs quite a punch.”

And he told us that the cuts, bruises and dirt you see on the characters in the movie didn't need to be painted on by make-up.

He said: “I had cuts on my hand from the axe. You kinda lived and breathed the characters more than I have before. What you see was what we were going through.”


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