Chris Hemsworth Says Kristen Has “a Great Work Ethic”

There’s a definite chemistry in the film between you and Kristen, but did she really punch you in the face?

Yeah (laughs), she did. It was supposedly an accident, but the jury’s still out on that one. It was far too accurate and powerful for me to be 100 percent convinced. But, no, we had a lot of fun. We come from similar worlds; she’d obviously come from Twilight and it sort of overshadows a lot of what she’s done. And I’d come from the Marvel world, with a big, dedicated fan base. So both of those you’re fighting to sort of try and prove hey, look, I can act too, I’m not just part of this world – that I’m thankful for being part of – but you’re trying to showcase something or show that you’re supposed to be there. And she has a great work ethic, she has a really passionate idea about the story and characters, and you want to be around that on set.

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