Chris Mentions Kristen in Inquirer Entertaiment Interview

*Major Spoiler Alert*

In the movie, Chris gets to plant a kiss on Kristen Stewart, who is Snow White to his Huntsman. “She’s fantastic,” he said of the “Twilight” actress. “She had a really strong opinion of where she wanted to take the character and who the character was. She was very enthusiastic. She set the tone and led the charge. It was great. We had a lot of fun.”

He said the big success of the “Twilight” movies had not affected Kristen at all. “Kristen was introduced on such a big scale and in a franchise setting,” he commented. “Often, that overshadows everything else. She worked incredibly hard to show that acting is what she loves. With this film, she’s able to showcase that. The first thing I noticed was how headstrong and focused she was about what she wanted to achieve. There was no wavering in her commitment.


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