Happy 26th Birthday Rob!

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I can’t believe a whole year has gone by! Rob has been absolutely hilarious this year with his many, many, many Breaking Dawn Part 1 promo appearances (I’m specifically talking about that JKL “thrusting” comment). Although this year has been lacking in the photo shoot department (at least we got the Premiere Magazine ones!), it just makes me even more giddy seeing ANY pictures of him! Rob is such a sweet, charming, funny guy. Kristen is one lucky girl to have this man in her life. Here’s to hoping for a very happy & fruitful 26th year! Looks like it will be a busy one .. coughBELAMI,COSMOPOLIS,MISSION:BLACKLIST,BREAKINGDAWNPART2,THEROVERcough 😉

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“I always get carried away when I’m kissing. I just go nuts! Walking away after it is the strangest moment for me. It’s embarrassing – not knowing what to say to each other.”

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I want to wish a very happy 26th birthday to our dear dear Robert Pattinson! It’s been so much fun watching him grow from a young adult to a man and seeing him transform in each movie he’s filmed.  I can’t even imagine the backstage part of his journey into stardom, the one we don’t see everyday, and the fact that he’s handled fame with such grace and modesty just proves how much of a man he truly is.  My favorite thing about him is how he is able to keep situations light, never takes himself too seriously, and ALWAYS jokes around.  I hope he manages to stay true to himself like he has and I cannot wait to watch the rest of his career soar! I am so proud to call myself his fan! xoxo

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Rob: it’s like the most depressing story in the world. you got this little guy coming around with his shirt off all the time, it’s like it’s so close to reality. there’s always some punk who wants to get up in your business all the time. and then-see and girls can never understand it, literally you can only talk to guys about it cause girls never get it, cause girls are like “why!? i should be able to do whatever i want!” (laughs) and the guys like, “well i’m in love with you, you’re supposed to respect that.” it’s like, you can’t just keep going off with the naked guy all the time. if i started hanging out with girls with their boobs out all the time, you just would not like it. (long pause) *BOOBS*

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Favorite Interview: Talking about his parents! I love how he reads the emails! Great interview!

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I can’t believe it! Our Robert is turning 26! *runs around the room screaming*
Rob is the most hilarious creature ever created, I always laugh out loud and often end up in happy tears because of his hysterical jokes.
He’s sweet, smart, childish, charming, handsome, adorable and did I mention incredibly and absolutely handsome?
I’ve watched all of his movies, so much potential, so much talent and he has 5 projects coming up, 5! Obviously a really bright future awaits him and I’m so proud of him!
My favorite thing about Rob is how much he loves Kristen, it’s so breathtakingly beautiful. In every premiere, in every interview, in any picture, you can see it in his eyes.
And what can I say? I wish him all the best in life, a happy marriage with Kristen, a beautiful Golden Child[ren] and a successful everlasting career.

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About missing his ‘loved one’: “it is hard but I guess in some ways being away from someone is always- if you really like them in a strange way it makes it better cuz the more time you spend away the more you’re thinking about them, the more you wanna see them again.”

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(he’s too hilarious! :D)


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