It Took Charlize Five Minutes to Fall in Love With Kristen – SWATH RC Celebuzz interview

Charlize Theron has been extremely vocal about her admiration for fellow-actress Kristen Stewart, all of which was present at the premiere of Snow White and the Huntsman Monday night in London.

But when did this love-fest actually begin?”It happened within the first five minutes of meeting her,” Charlize, 37, told Celebuzz exclusively at the premiere. “We were on a plane going to San Diego, for ComicCon, and I just fell in love with her.”

What else did Charlize tell us?

In the film, Charlize plays the evil Queen Ravenna, who is determined to steal the heart of Snow White (Stewart) and, thus, live forever.

But in real life, Charlize’s relationship with Kristen couldn’t be more opposite. In fact, the Oscar-winning beauty had even more positive things to say about K-Stew at the Snow White junket over the weekend, during which she predicted the 22-year-old Twilight actress will have “an amazing career” in Hollywood. Watch part I of Celebuzz’s exclusive interview with Charlize in the video, below

Meanwhile, signs of Charlize and Kristen’s professional friendship appeared to spill out onto Monday’s red carpet, when the two showed up wearing very similar dress. As for how that actually happened, Charlize quipped: “We’re telepathically speaking to each other, I think.”

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