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Kristen Stewart Praises ‘Snow White’ Concept Art

First reaction when you saw the finished product? Were you hardened by what you saw when it was put together?

No, I was so excited. Its rare when you see concept art be — its always cooler that what the movie ends up being. Its nice; its inspiration, I suppose. That’s the way Rupert Sanders got the job as Director, putting together this 5 min version of the movie and presenting the darkness and the lightness of the world. I thought that it was insane because it felt like two different people did it. It was SO so beautiful when it was light and so exuberantly happy. When it was dark, its wretched and disgusting. I think when I first saw the movie, I saw that and I was really like .. WOW! Everything that I wanted it to feel like, everything that I wanted it to say, its there. I love it.

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KStew And Charlize Theron Got To Know Each Other During Press

On this press tour, you’ve been doing a lot with Charlize. What’s the biggest difference between doing press with her and Rob and Taylor and that whole crew?

Its very different. When me, Rob and Taylor do interviews together, they don’t actually ask us anything. We just get to hang out. People like to watch that. Its fine because I like hanging out with those guys, but it is weird. With Charlize, its been great because we are so proud of the movie. We actually only go to work together for 3 days, so we go to know each other more — or at least on a certain level — during press. Its been nice and fun.

In a way, I’m kind of surprised you guys have gotten along as well as you have, not that thats you both are friendly, cool, interesting people, but you’re very different in my experience talking to both of you.


What have you found common ground at? When she walks into a room, there’s a totally different energy than when you walk into a room.

Completely, overwhelmingly so! I think its that thing. Some people intimidate you. Some people’s energy is so big that you feel like you don’t fit in the room. With her, I  really appreciate it differently. I love the effect that she has on people. I find it hilarious. I love watching it happen. I do not have that. I mean, maybe I have something else, but its definitely not as visceral. Also, she’s really hilarious.

She is! And has a potty mouth, really. 

Yeah! [laughs] It puts me to shame, to be honest.

If she were around Mackenzie [Foy], she would owe her over $3 mill!

[Laughs] She would like be opening a new hospital somewhere!

Kristen Stewart Never Wants To Get Back On A Horse

You’ve obviously did a lot of things for this film that you’ve never done before — the fight skills, the horseback riding and stuff. Is there a skill that you picked up that you are going to retain, you think, going forward?

I never want to get back on a horse.

That’s the biggest revelation from this film?

Yeah! Yeah! … I love them. I think they are beautiful. I love their energy. I love being around them. I love petting their soft, little noses. I just hate telling it what to do. And by the way, as soon as I get on a horse, he’s like, “idiot! I”m not listening to you!”

You are too damn nice to the horses. You need to show them who’s boss.

That’s right. That’s right. I don’t like that.

If Charlize were on the horse …

She’s probably a great horse rider

KStew Reveals Last Moments As Bella Swan

Twilight reshoots. So you now have officially (we think) that you’ve played Bella for the last time. What was that like? What was the last line or moment you actually did? Was it anything meaningful or was it anti-climactic?

The very last thing I did was step on a rusty nail, running barefoot through fake woods, before a big promotional tour.

That’s kind of typical [for you].

I know! It was literally perfect! I was like “I needed to do this on a Twilight set before I had to go wear heels in front of the entire world and have people go like, ‘She’s just ridiculous with the heels situation!'” Its like, “No, I promise you, I actually have hurt myself again!”

So was Bella’s last line, “FUCK!”? 

“FUCK ME!” … Yeah, totally!

Did it feel more anticlimactic, though, after you have done all the pomp and circumstance like the end of the big wrap party and [then] this

Yes it did, totally. I also wasn’t there on the very last day that Bill finished. I think that he had a few pick-up shots. When they wrapped, me and Rob (people clap for the actors when they wrap because they wrap before everyone else), we felt so ridiculous. “Why are you guys clapping right now? Come on! Good on you too! And then I came back to set to do the same for Bill and he was like, “I have to come back tomorrow and shoot Volturri feet running through snow.” And I was like “Oh. Damn.”

But glad you were?

Yeah! Exactly!

KStew Says ‘Cali’ Filled With ‘Extremes’

What can you tell me about Cali? Is that going to be the next thing that you and Nick Cassavetes (that’s the director, right?) …

Yeah! That’s the next thing that [I will do] after all of this, we can go do it in the summer. Lock ourselves away for a few weeks in The Valley in a little production office and get together really weird and freaky actor people. Its filled with the coolest characters. It takes place in The Valley; I’m from The Valley. Its been awhile since we’ve captured that world. Its super extreme. Everything about it, it’s like extremely violent, extremely funny, extremely emotional — all in your face. Real.

Kristen Stewart Felt ‘Safe’ With ‘On The Road’ Nudity

I’m not going to Cannes, sadly.

Oh really? You doin’ something better? Got better things to do than come to Cannes?

We need a break for a couple weeks, then we can see each other again very soon. Don’t worry. But, I am very excited for On The Road as you must be! Is there any sense of healthy competition between you and Rob? You both have films that are competing against each other.

Yeah, yeah! I know, its insane! Its such weird timing. Definitely! I think that if it was us or them, I think that we would take the cake.

Who’s film is better?

Mine! [laughs] I haven’t seen Cosmopolis yet, I’m dying to see it! The first time I’ll actually get to see it is at Cannes.

Obviously, we talked a little bit on and off camera last time about On The Road and how excited you are about it and how proud you are of it, was there any trepidation in it? I know that its kind of like reducing it to a silly level, but the nudity is going to be something people [will] talk about. Is there trepidation about that, about actually doing the deed or were you trying to talk him out of it? 

Oh yeah!  No, I’m very lucky that the movie went when it did because I got the part when I was 16 and I think that it would’ve put a damper on the energy of the movie. I wasn’t scared, honestly. Its kind of insane to watch now, “Who is that?!” [laughs] But when I …

Someone needs to put some clothes on her! She’s out of line!

Yeah, but I think it comes from a (as every actress says when they do this) … It felt so right. It was so within a different world and so within a different environment that I  don’t really feel (I mean, I am personally connected to it, of course) but it is something outside of myself. I have no qualms about it either. I think people are a little uptight.

Present company excluded. Not me! 


If you are going to do it in the company of the filmmaker and this kind of material …

I felt SO safe with Walter [Salles]. Nothing was ever, ever about taking your clothes off ever!

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