Kristen, Cast & Director Junket Interviews on TrailerAddict

@2:50 “My favorite people in the world are the ones where you’re just like ‘wow you’re crazy I love you'”


Rupert on Kristen (1:10) “She instantly had all the qualities I felt that a modern day Snow White should have. She’s very spirited, very rebellious, she’s obviously very beautiful.”

Charlize, Chris and Sam’s interviews below 🙂

Charlize on Kristen (3:40) “She’s amazing. She’s incredibly talented and I love her tenacity.”

Chris on Kristen (2:25) “Both Snow White & Kristen have a real strong sense of right&wrong and justice and passion behind them.”

Sam Claflin on Kristen (1:45) “She’s pretty damn glamorous! I’ve never grown such a soft spot for someone so quickly.”


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