Kristen's TVN Press Junket Interview + Translation


Talks about punching Thor in the face, pros and cons of fame & working behind the camera.


Translation (via):

0:25 I: So which one of these is your room?
K: Yeah, right, I own all the castle. I’m a queen now.

0:34: I: You play the Snow White, one of fairy-tale archetype of female beauty. You yourself are at the top of the lists of the most beautiful actresses for years now. What’s your approach to your looks, the beauty, in general?
K: I’m very comfortable with myself. But I wear the same clothes every day, no kidding, just jeans and T-shirts.

0:57 I: You admitted to having a problem to look feminine and sensual for a long time and just recently got used to it.
K: It’s because when I was being interviewed as 17-year old I was terrified someone could consider me sexy. I screamed: “I’m not sexy! Shut up!” It was unnatural and it was a hard subject to talk.

1:19: I: But the film is about the inner beauty. How do you think, what is it?
K: In general, to care about others. It’s weird to me if you’re not affected by people’s misery, if you don’t feel it in your gut. If you see something horrible happened to someone, you feel pain in your stomach. It’s something we’re born with, you don’t have to learn it.
I: Unless you’re a psychopath.
K: Yeah, unless you’re a sociopathic asshole and then you have a problem. Just be nice, be nice to people. It sounds obvious but it isn’t.

1:52: I: What’s a feeling to punch Chris Hemsworth in his face? I’ve read it was a big experience to you. He’s huge, like over 1.90 m.
K: I punched Thor in the face and he cried, seriously, he had tears in his eyes and he fell out of the frame. I shocked myself yet I had a smile on my face and he noticed it. It wasn’t that I was happy that I hit him, but I was so shocked by the effect of hitting someone with a punch. I was wondering if it works, you know what I mean. And it works, for real.

I: You know you can defend yourself.
K: Yeah.

2:28: I: You said that there’s nothing appealing in being famous. Why do you dislike it?
K: There’s one appealing aspect of my profession. The only thing why I do my job is that I can share my emotions with people. When I work with other actor or director, there’s an energy of some kind between us. It’s addictive but amazing and you can do it with so many people. It’s not an intimate thing because you do it in public, but the energy is still there. It’s the best, I mean it’s the most interesting part of me and that’s what I want to share with others. In our profession people are like objects a little bit and it’s embarrassing. “Come on, do you really think you’re so interesting that you want to sell your private life?” Are you so cool?” That embarrasses me.

3:24: I: Do you want to start working behind the camera? I’ve read you want to write screenplays.
K: I want to make films by myself. I grew up in the film industry. My parents always worked in it and I just love everything about it. I don’t know where is my place yet. I’ve worked with so many talented people and I know I have still so much to learn and I want to do it. When someone inspires me I follow that person around all day, asking million of questions. I have pictures in my head which I want to to show, maybe first I’ll do a few short films.
I: Slowly now.
K: Yeah.

4:08: I: Lastly I have to invite you to Poland, you have many fans there and they asked me to do it. Maybe you will come to promote some other film.
K: I don’t know why I haven’t been there yet.
I: You have an open invitation.


K: Thanks.

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