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Many of you asked if i could write a twit longer and tell something more about my crazy night in Cannes, at the after party of Cosmopolis, so here it is.
After the premiere I had dinner and i then I went to the Cartlon hotel where it was supposed to take place the after party around 22.30 p.m. There were a lot of people, fans and paps outside, and of course a lot of bodyguards and security guys. It was definitely impossible to get in.
i tried to go on the beach and see if there were bodyguards even there, and of course they were. HBG was right there, in the middle of the beach, staring at me. I came back to the main entrance but then… I SAW THEM. A couple was leaving the party! I asked them if they could give me their invitation, and the man gave it to me. I couldn’t believe it! So I went inside and the first actor i saw, was Paul Giamatti. He was talking to a guy, telling him that he was so proud of Rob, bc he’s such a talented actor, I wanted to hug him! I told him that the movie was great and I liked his performance and he thanked me. He’s a really nice person.


Rob, Kristen, Tom and other people were in a private zone, a bodyguard told me that Rob was doing some interview stuff, and then i saw him! He was tooking pictures with Cronenberg and signing something. I took some pics as well, but it was dark and a girl, i guess was Rob’s agent, told me that i couldn’t. Kristen was sitting at table with tom, then they went out on the porch with Rob, and they were talking with some other people, laughing and being cute 🙂 Rob and Kristen were holding hands and kristen’s head was on his shoulder, I was dying, I swear. I wanted to stare at them but at the same time I didn’t want to bother! Then HBG said that they had to go, but I stopped kristen and i told her that I had something for her 🙂 HBG pushed her but she came back to me with Rob. I gave her the cookbook and she said: oh my god, thanks man. You are so sweet, thank you so much. And then she kissed me. Rob smiled at us, and i will never forget that smile. I told him that he did such an amazing performance and i was so proud of him. He thanked me and then he kissed me too. They went upstairs but some bodyguards behind me pushed me as well, and I got out with them. From now on you know the story. I have been really lucky and if I could, I would thank again that couple who made this possible.

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