Mexico SWATH Press Conference and Photocall with Kristen and Sam Claflin



More pictures, videos, and tweets from the SWATH Mexico Photocall and Press Conference under the cut!


Press Conference:


Quotes from the Livestream:

Kristen feels far away from Sam right now. lol “Where are we?” Mexico press conference

“It's a funny thing with me and my fans. I think they get it.”

Have you tried Mexican food yet? “Oh, I grew up in LA, babe!” – Kristen to the interviewer

Talking about airports and how crazy they are. and she's hoping to see the fans later! She loves Mexico

“I don't think turtles can really sprout flowers out of their head.”

“The cool thing about our movie is that it humanizes the characters” – K

“Everything you see Snow White do, a girl my size can do. I'm not playing a superhero.”

“My thumb is an entirely different shape than it was when I started”

“I've looked up to her my entire life.” – K about Charlize and the reason why she wanted to do the movie

Kristen talking about easily being able to talk in Spanish and how other languages are really hard to speak in for her!

“Oh lordy!” – K about Sam in armor lol

@universalmx KristenStewart nos cuenta que le gustaría trabajar con Alejandro González Iñarritu en #MEX (Kristen says she'd like to work with Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu)

@universalmx Finally they talk that it has been a very good project and that they are very happy to participate in the film

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  1. Man, Kristen rocks those yellow shoes. Is there nothing this girl puts on that doesn’t look good? Not that I can think of.

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