More Details on the Portugal COSMOPOLIS Red Carpet/Screening

@veraleeon just received an email with more details from the ‘Cosmopolis’ screening in Portugal on May 29th.

According to her:

The screening is going to happen on Grand Auditorium of the CCB, on the 29th May at 8PM and will count with the presence of (confirmed to date) David Cronenberg – director, Robert Pattinson – the main actor, Don DeLillo – author and Paul Giamatti – actor.

Tomorrow (May 10, starting at 3PM), they will start to sell the tickets for the screening.

Ticket price: 10 €

You can buy ticket every day from 11AM to 8PM.

You can buy the tickets HERE

ETA: A few more details via @veraleeon@3cheers4tyranny and @CarinaRK:

@3cheers4tyranny & @CarinaRK went to buy the tickets for the screening today & they wore informed that there is going to be a Red Carpet & they’ll make a brief presentation before the movie.

 Information provided by RPLife. Grab your ticket now, before its SOLD OUT!
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