MTV Movie Awards 2010 Picture of the Day

Even though the 2011 MMAs are my favorite [hand-holding Robsten, anyone?] 2010 was simply EPIC and I loved every moment of it, the sparks were still there…but at the same time you can see that a part of it developed into love and adoration. And when Rob kissed Kristen *sobs* “we probably shouldn't do this, right?” she said and BAM! he attacked her with his lips 😀

I know that most people would say their favorite pic would be from the best kiss moment, but for me it&

#039;s this one. The way Rob looks down at her, checking her out and all..GAH! Pure desire! like he's saying “Oh, you are mine, ALL mine” 😀 Oh Rob!

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One thought on “MTV Movie Awards 2010 Picture of the Day

  1. Well, i think he’s saying, “Your boobs are getting bigger.”
    Then after the pic she said, “Shut the ____ up!
    But that’s just me.

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