New Kristen Interview with Scoop with Raya

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0:02 : Now it;s time to discover all the premiere's activities for SWATH movie here on the green carpet with the attendance of Kristen Stewart and this is her first role outside the twilight series (-.-!!!!) also Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron who plays the evil queen.
This is a great movie, all the stars are here and we are so so so excited especially that there are the lucky fans with us on the carpet!

1:20 : the lucky fan named Waseem who won a ticket to the premiere.

4:14 : we finished the first part of tonight's episode from scoop, I hope that you really enjoyed it just like these fans behind us in the premiere. In the second part of the interview we're gonna see Denzel Washington in an interview, Taylor Lautner in an interview and exclusive one on one interview with Cameron Diaz where she says that she loves sports, stay tuned!

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