Rupert & Chris Mention Kristen

STUDIO: And what about Kristen?

Rupert: Kristen… She’s so free spirited and wild, and she’s got a lot on her shoulders. There’s just something there. She’s like an untamed wild horse and she just sums up the modern Snow White for me.

STUDIO: We’ve heard the rumours and we want to know who hits harder – The Hulk OR Kristen?

Chris: Kristen, because it was real. The Hulk’s move was a nice bit of CGI and stunt work.

STUDIO: Can you explain to our readers how Kristen ‘accidentally’ hit you?

Chris: In the movie, Snow White throws a punch and is supposed to miss the huntsman. But, I guess during one take we got a little too close and “BAM” right on the nose. I was out for the count! She packs quite a punch for such a small lady!

STUDIO: What’s Kristen like to work with?

Chris: Dedicated, focused and committed. She fit perfectly with the strong character of Snow White and the rest of us just followed her lead.

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