Sam Claflin Mentions Kristen w/ toofab

toofab: How was it acting with Kristen?

Sam: I’m very lucky to work with such people. I’m scared I’ve been spoiled. Kristen was an absolute pleasure. She’s so young and so talented.

Here she is … the most famous person on the planet. People think actresses like her are going to be a diva; not generous with her time. She was down-to-earth, generous, professional and hardworking.

toofab: She has a reputation for being notoriously shy.

Sam: On a set like this everyone is quite nervous. I never found she was too shy to talk. She was incredibly inviting.

toofab: They joke that the go-to accent in fantasy films is British. As a native Brit how did you fare?

Sam: I was the lucky one, I was the only one to have his own accent. It was great that I didn’t have that added pressure.

I was knocked for six [British expression for being completely floored] hearing Kristen speak with an accent. I was so used to her speaking as an American. She had the perfect English accent.

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