BFD Friday – Countdown to MTV Movie Awards!

After another incredible Robsten year, MTV Movie Awards time is in just 2 days! This is usually the day that every Robsten fan looks forward to, and although the award show will be a bit different this Meet & Keep The Right Man ™ year, I still have faith that we can get Rob and Kristen to win Best Kiss!  So much of Robsten's history comes from the MTV Movie Awards, and even though Rob may not go this year, Kristen may surprise us!

This Robsten video, made by our very own Maryann (@maryann

-tattoo – Top Tattoo Offer !'>Chopper-tattoo – Top Tattoo Offer !

robsten) , highlights all of Rob and Kristen's years at the MTV Movie Awards from 2008-2011.  Not only that, but you can't help but get emotional connecting the song to their journey and their relationship. They've gone from “buddy” to “honey” and the touches have only gotten closer.

Help us make history by voting for Edward and Bella for 'Best Kiss' and prove EVERYONE wrong for the 4th year in a row! This year's show airs on Sunday June 3rd at 9PM EST!



Meet & Keep The Right Man ™

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