Jackson Rathbone Says Kristen Complained Less Than Rob About Vamp Lenses

Nikki Reed gushed how “gorgeous” Kristen Stewart looks as a vampire in Breaking Dawn- Part 2, and costar Jackson Rathbone“agrees wholeheartedly.”

It’s something that the world has been waiting for, all the fans of the series are going to love it,” Rathbone, 27, told Celebuzz at the MTV Movie Awards. “It was a lot of fun. It was finally ‘Haha Kristen! You have to wear the contacts now! See how much that sucks?’

Robert Pattinson has been very vocal in saying how much he hates those contacts – so did Kristen, 22, complain as much?

I think less, but come on she’s only had to do it for one movie!” joked Jackson. “How difficult is that?

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