Josh Hutcherson Talks About His Friendship with Kristen with MTV

“The Hunger Games” and “Twilight” collided over the weekend at the2012 MTV Movie Awards when Josh Hutcherson ran into his “Zathura” co-star backstage.

“I actually got to talk to Kristen Stewart tonight for the first time in five years, at least,” Hutcherson revealed to MTV News. “That was awesome to connect with her again, especially after everything that’s happened to the both of us [with ‘Twilight’ and ‘The Hunger Games’]. It’s nice to just kind of be able to talk again and hopefully have some sort of friendship. She’s fantastic.”

“Breaking Dawn – Part 1” slayed the dystopian thriller out of the Best Kiss and Movie of the Year awards, but the actor promised there are no hard feelings between the two franchises.

“Honestly, you know what? I’ve never really felt it to be a competition. And I wish I could pretend like it was ’cause it’d be fun, [but] it’s so not. Their cast is fantastic, our cast is fantastic and there’s never been any bloodshed. … Not yet,” he teased.


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