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When we first heard that Kristen Stewart had been tapped to be the face of a new Balenciaga fragrance back in January, our first reaction was, “Huh?”, and then general acceptance. Since then, the reigning highest paid actress in Hollywood has graced many a red carpet in the label, and we’ve taken the whole thing in stride. Now we know a lot more about the fragrance and KStew’s role, including a (sorta fuzzy and crappy iPhone shot–sorry) of her first ad. The fragrance is Nicolas Ghesquiere’s second for the label, called Florabotanica. And Stewart is refreshingly upfront about being the scent’s face. Unlike other actresses who gush about the top notes of the juice they represent, Stewart admits she did it for Ghesquiere without knowing anything about what it would smell like. “I’m very lucky that I like the fragrance, because I would have done anything with [Balenciaga designer Nicolas Ghesquière],” she told WWD. “And I’m a terrible liar.” She also admits that she’s never worn a fragrance before.

As for Ghesquiere, he’s been smitten with the actress since her Panic Room days, so the lovefest is mutual. And Balenciaga told him he had to pick out a face with a “young consumer” in mind, because that’s the target demo for Florabotanica. He based the scent on a 2008 collection that featured “nasty” and “nice” flowers, which is kind of a perfect metaphor for KStew, isn’t it? So let’s get to the ad, which for some reason is in WWD‘s print edition but nowhere online yet. Shot by Steven Meisel, Stewart stands stiff-legged and looking straight at the camera, surrounded by huge metal floral structures. The star of the ad likes that it’s not sexy and come-hither, and Stewart told WWDshe thinks her pose–or lack thereof–is perfect for the fragrance. The fragrance drops in September, so we’ll surely see these ads all over the September glossies. And in other random Kristen Stewart news she told WWD: • “I think the hottest chick that’s ever walked the earth is Brigitte Bardot, and I couldn’t be more different from her.” • Although she’s possibly going to come close. She’s going to be really blonde, tan and “I’m going to look like a stripper. I’m going to look like a porn star” for her next movie, Cali. This is all a lot for us to take in. Thoughts?

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Photo + Article Credit: Fashionista.com — Larger photo via @kstewartfans / @eurofabulous / HQ article scan + better quality pic via @KStewDevotee

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