Rupert Tells Complex Magazine What Kristen Brought to Snow White

I heard that the original script was totally different from the way it turned out on screen. 
[Laughs.] In fact, the original script was quite lighthearted and kind of Shrek-like. That was the original goal and I think it was a little bit of a stretch for me. We wanted to figure out how to make a medieval movie along with having those original, fantastical fairytale qualities.

Obviously we see the uncharacteristic toughness of Snow White in the film, but how different did you want to make Snow White and what do you think Kristen Stewart brought to her?
I think Kristen Stewart brought a lot to it. I think she is very brave and rebellious. She has a weight on her shoulder, she’s really in the spotlight, and she deals with everything on her own. I think she’s inspiring, and all of those qualities made her what I wanted in the role of Snow White.

There’s also this added element of her spiritual predestination. Can you talk a bit about that choice?
I think that she is one of the classic heroes that’s so historically known. I eluded to Joseph Campbell’s The Hero with a Thousand Faces and I think Snow White definitely symbolizes all of that.

Also, you don’t entirely indulge in the love triangle between Snow White, the Prince and—
We really didn’t go out there to make a really romantic film. There’s no time for making love. They’re making war. It’s just a mood. It’s just a part of the story, but a lot of people are focusing on this Twilight love triangle. It’s a story about a young girl protecting and obtaining her kingdom. She’s helped along the way by many men and I think all of them are inspired and all of them are drawn towards her. There’s no dwarf triangle. [Laughs.]


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