Admin Post: SR’s Fate + Update

Hey all,

I thought I’d give you guys an update of SR’s status. As I had expressed a couple weeks ago, the legality of running a website like this is becoming more of a burden than I had anticipated when I started this blog. I want to say that I will always be here, always supporting Rob and Kristen and giving you guys the latest news about them, but I just don’t know if that is possible anymore due to these restraints. I feel as though my hands are being tied behind my back and as a blog owner, that has to be one of the worst feelings in the world. I feel like I’m not providing you with the “latest news about Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart” when I have to withhold information from you all. You guys are what’s keeping me strong and making this worth it! Thank you so much for supporting us, every step of the way!

You will notice a change in what and how we post stories here on Strictly Robsten:

No paparrazzi photos.

Sources will be explicitly identified and linked.

Articles will be summarized and only quotes will be provided.

Stories will be restricted to official material. No more rumors or hearsay.

The comments section for each post will always remain open, meaning you can post/talk about whatever you want. If you see something that we haven’t “officially” posted, feel free to post a link, pic, video, etc., there!

As always, please join us on twitter/facebook/tumblr. I always love hearing from y’all; it makes my day so much brighter 🙂



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41 thoughts on “Admin Post: SR’s Fate + Update

  1. love you Mel,i’m not leaving yet but not talking about their relationship anymore.i decided follow you still for news or s/thing new about them.and really sad to lose a few robsten’s friend,friendship that we build bcoz of them.and i’m feel so gulity myself because so concern about rob and kristen’s relationship.that thier personal,i shouldn’t get involved to bother.

    still visit ur site

  2. You were my first choice as well, i love this website! This tragic event has unleashed so much sadness… 🙁 hope the best for them

  3. Same here. You could always do Strictly Rob news, haha. This is just insane. Now apparently he’s moved out of the house they share. WTF did she do? *shakes head*

  4. I understand your dilemma. I think that there are many sites right now making similar decisions in light of what’s been going on. I love your page and will continue to follow you in any form you take for the Rob news. Thank you for keeping us all informed as always.

  5. I love you site and hope that you don’t make any decisions until things are resolved. I, too, am hoping for the best. Right now I’m not even expecting anything – just that Rob makes the decision that will bring him the most peace and happiness. Until then, I’ll definitely keep checking back here!!!

  6. Just because they may not be together doesnt mean you still couldnt post stuff about them here. This was one of the first blogs I have always went to to get teh latest pics and info about them.

  7. I hope SR will remain, there is always Rob and Kristen’s careers, without all the private part to illustrate. Thank you. I’m very sad too, but hope the best for them, together or not, if it is their choice. I can only support them and be compassionate.

  8. Unfortunately there are more pics on this web site It’s not pretty… She clearly went OUT OF HER WAY to do this. It’s not a mistake. Perhaps the world of Robsten isn’t as perfect as we had all hoped. The only thing us “Robsten fans” can HOPE for is one of two outcomes…
    First…OPTION A:
    She’s truly that vindictive and slimy. And despite a happy relationship she went outside of it because she lacks integrity and is entirely too self absorbed and impulsive to see what a stupid idea this was. She is young and doesn’t understand that relationships are NOT all candy and sunshine. Ups and Downs. Give and Take This could be a wake up call for her and she may realize how selfish she is and will make changes in her life so that she makes decisions with integrity in the future. Rob will eventually come around after he realizes he’s lost without her and that she’s truly sorry and is a forever changed person who wants him and ONLY him.
    OPTION B: (This is the more hopeful option for us…who love them together)
    Something was missing… weather it was time spent, romance, spontaneity, ideals, morals, something sexual etc….something was missing for her to stray (not that it’s right). If they can let the dust settle and focus on why and how they got to this point they can begin to piece it back together if they are as “In love” as we all hope they are. Obviously Rob will have the final say as “trusting” her is a little off the table at the moment. But, I think if there was truly an aspect of their relationship that went wrong or that they were ignoring and they can work through it (or want to) We may able to hang on to our favorite couple 😉 Most people who cheat are either completely with the wrong person and sabotage the relationship to get out or are missing something (again, not that it’s right!) and can can get back on track if priorities are straightened. I’m hoping that perhaps they were text flirting (looking for attention) or something for a while and finally decided to see each other and this was the FIRST time they have had any encounter. I think they could bounce back if this is the case. I’m hopeful 🙂 Melissa thank you for this site, I hope you are still blogging about these 2 a year from now <3

  9. You’ve been a great friend to us fans and to Rob and Kristen. Thank you for your constant updates and loveliness. I will follow you on twitter.

  10. Please tell me you are kidding. Why is it that so many people believe that the rumor is true? Are we all going to give up now? Is this how it ends? It’s not true. People need to start believing in Robsten. Robsten is UNBROKEN.

    • I agree with you!!!
      The photos are so fake and so are the “statements”!

      I never for a second belived in those rumours, kristen and robert have something very speciell together and neither of them would destroy that.

      The only thing that would make me cry and be sad is how all the fans react and how they belive in the gossips… 🙁

      • You are stuck in the denial phase. I was there too, but the pictures are real and her public statement was real too 🙁

  11. check this out, made by a fan.

    if you look at the body rupert was hugging, you can tell its not kristen stewart. the body is too sexy. besides the height difference makes you question the pictures. liberty ross is a few inches shorted than her husband. kristen is short like a foot shorter.besides, it us weekly, they make up crap. and its people magazine that supposedly released a statement about kristen stewarts apology. why would she approach a trashy tabloid? she would’ve approached a reporter she knows like josh horowitz. we haven’t heard from her or anybody else because they are treating it like any other false rumor that has been released(she’s pregnant, she’s engaged, etc.) she’s just letting people think what they want and not have it affect her because its false.

  12. I think that everybody that love them as a couple is sadness by her behavior.I just have one comment about this post Please continue to post both side of the story because thank god with live in america where we have freedom of press and like many other fans we really on your guys to keep us updated on robsten latest news good or bad.

  13. I’m very proud of you.. I can imagine your feeling right now, I feel the same way too… But I’m sure… Very very sure, they can work it out. There’s always a second chance. God bless Robsten & Robstener <3

  14. Don’t leave, I mean we all don’t know whats going to happen, maybe they will work this out, I’m sick and so sadden by all this, why did she do this, why????

  15. All of your encouraging words are bringing tears to my eyes. I was too emotionally involved in Robsten and am grieving for the happiness to return to the both of them. Whether or not the “circumstance” was from habitual or momentary behavior, I will always have this past year and half with all of you. Getting excited for RK pics, live-blogging premieres, and reporting about their new projects. Although I started this late in the game, I feel like I’ve made such strong bonds with all of you. I want you all to know that I will never stop believing in them. I will maintain this page until further notice and will still report Rob AND Kristen news. I don’t see any harm in keeping you all informed with their projects; I just don’t want to report on the drama they are both facing.

    xx Mel

  16. Roamer

    This is the first time I wrote a comment on your blog……..first of all I would like to thank you for hanging in there and never deserting us. All of us I guess are deeply affected by this incident……we don’t really know the reason WHY???? I sympathize with Rob and the pains, bitterness, anger and betrayal he’s feeling right now…..believe me it was searing painful and the numbness made me feel like a zombie…..I experienced it myself when my hubby strayed once….

    But i will never condemn Kristen….I love them so much to hate her. They made my days even sometimes we had a rough roads in our relationship but just seeing these two together made me smile even laugh. How good it is to laugh and just forget sometimes the problems we had in our dreary lives.

    Thank you so much Melissa and keep up your dedication to this amazing blog. GOD BLESS you and GOD BLESS Rob and Kristen may they both find peace and happiness at the end of this sad chapter in their lives. I’m hoping and praying that Rob will find it in his heart to forgive Kristen and start anew.

    I forgave my hubby and he was lovelier the second time around…..sometimes soooo overbearing…..maybe he’s still making it up to us.

    GOD BLESS every each shipper of Rob and Kristen!!!

  17. i would seriously wait… there’s far more to this story than we know, most of it is rumours cooked up by tabloids, yes there are damming pics BUT in those pics it looks staged, more on his part because he’s the one looking at the camera, for all we know he could’ve done this for publicity and she was the ‘reluctant’ victim, i say reluctant because where in those pics do you see her just all over him? you don’t, it’s all him, one of them it looks like she’s trying to even push him away. rob could’ve known about it already as she could’ve rang him straight up and told him, he could’ve known they were meeting up and really, until they come out and say it themselves, and not bloody tabloids making out they have, no one will ever know the truth. i’m still confident they are together where ever they are and are waiting for the initial shit storm to pass. i’m going to reserve full judgement until the truth comes out and not crap from tabloids and newspapers trying to make money off them.

  18. Kristen did not cheat on Rob because all the photos were photoshopped I love them and I knew it would not be true soni did a bit of research

  19. We are not all dealing with the unfortunate news because all of us don’t belive in this shit!
    You belive in this bullshit from gossip magazines… Its insane, were you ever fans of robsten for real? I doubt that.

    Kristen didn’t cheet on rob. And When you finally will realize that you will come back and pretend nothing happened. Change your mind while you can, just saying.

    I’m so tired of comment here, on videos and honepages… I will stop now, i’ve done everything i could to made people be more critical of sources. To make people understand that kristen never cheeted. But now im tired of this now.

    Thanks for everything, for this website. It’s awesome, really! I’m very greatful. But i will take a time out from internet, all those rumours are everywere and i can’t stand it. Most of all i can’t stand all the people who belives in them :'( I’m sorry for that…

    I belive in robsten, they are unbroken

  20. Eventhough, I would love to be true that those pics were photoshopped nothing will make happy at this moment, but I just read a statement from liberty brother it’s saying that the romance began late last year and has been going on for a while that they have been doing the heavy a Robert home in LA. sorry guys if it’s true I dont think he’s coming back to her and you people don’t say that she is too young and naive that is not the her csae she is strong adult head it women…. Please Mel keep posting news about them good or bad it doesn’t matter They will always be Edward & Bella BTW eventhough I’m a journalist and work in a newsroom this is one the first site that I look for news about them

    • Us weekly said that the statement wasn’t true. That he would’t pick up his phone to talk to anybody who’s trying to get answers. And when he did, he would hang up. I don’t have the link but the tittle says “seven myths about Kristen stewart scandal” or something like that. Just google it.

  21. Melissa, this website is wonderful and I am glad to know that you will still keep it.
    You know this is the first time I leave message here. I share the sadness about the recent incident (I don’t want to use the word cheating) with u. It’s so hard for me to accept. I can never watch twilight movies in the same way…I can’t… I don’t even want to watch any of them after the breaking news, they remind me of the robsten days…the fairy tale, we always want to believe but now may be going to shatter. I have sympathy on Kristen. I want her to grow up and learn from this incident.

  22. thank you so much for not public any note of any headline, you are been always my source of information,after all true fan is in the good and the bad sadly it was our turn but even in this moment we have to keep stronger. many thanks melissa and to all the team.

  23. I have recently read from the mag that Rob has been reported enjoying himself in London…Is it even possible??? If no, the pap is really cruel to make this up. How can anyone enjoy himself in such a situation ??? In the merge of breaking up with his longtime gal friend in bad term? It makes me feel very upset to read about this.
    For Robstens, what should we believe? It is time to stop reading any tabloids about their news.

  24. don’t believe everything see written in gossip articles these days because thier writing what THEY want to SELL not the TRUTH.
    Plus keep your website its all a lie all of of the proof is in the link above their still together nothing has changed US weekly & peoples magazine are liars and you should know this I mean is this the first time they’ve lied about Rob and kristen?
    NO! in november/december last year thier was a rumor that rob cheated on kristen!
    LOOOL these people are not for real making up such a fake lie…
    I know what rob & kristen have is special as they don’t speak about it at all!
    Click the link and read the proof is you want to know the truth

  25. Okay, wow. I’m just reading this. I hope SR will remain here but I guess we’ll wait and see. But wait? What’s this about legal issues? Is someone trying to shut you down anyway?

  26. I think what really happened is not what we see on media. It’s impossible for a celebrity with a type like Kristen go out doing affair in public place. She was not caught, but she did make it happen. Why? Because she is a very private celebrity, she sick being followed. sick of people asking about her story with Rob. The best way to it, is to make people think they are no longer in love. So, lets pretend this scandal is true, pretend the broken-up (if later announced) is true, so that they can make love again there behind without being disturbed by us

  27. Please continue with your site. Even if Rob and Kristen are not together…we can support their individual careers right? I love them both separately and individually.

  28. I agree completely. We love both of them. If they are meant to be together they will be! Love can conquer all things.

  29. I still believe she cheated, what about the other pics? And the “original” pics dont look the same! And your page photo is from comic con and there, she was already cheating! And liberty is not wearing her ring anymore!

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