Alex Pettyfer to Play Kristen’s BF in CALI

Hot off his starring turn in MAGIC MIKE, Alex Pettyfer is in final negotiations to play Kristen Stewart’s love interest in Nick Cassavetes’ gritty action pic CALI, reports Variety‘s Jeff Sneider.

Voltage Prods. and New School Media are producing the Michael Diliberti-scripted pic, which follows a pair of San Fernando Valley lovebirds (Stewart and Pettyfer) who sell a fake snuff film and ride off with a bundle of cash. Years later, Stewart’s character must “return from the dead” to save the younger sister she left behind.

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3 thoughts on “Alex Pettyfer to Play Kristen’s BF in CALI

  1. Apparently kristen made an apology to Rob and fans and and rupert to his wife and children through their publicists. I don’t believe in their apologies because they are statements made by their publicits looking to save the neck of their clients. Kristen and rupert are only sorry they got cut on the act because they’re affraid that they wont get another $54M weekend box office opening with the sequel of snow white so they looking for forgiveness from the fans……. BTW how convenience is for her to declare her love for him “I love him I love him” where was the love before YOU DON’T CHEAT on the person you love THE MOST!

  2. I am really heart broken and upset.i was on this same page for long three hours without flipping but believe me when i say that she needs another chance she gave one to rob didn’t she?I love rob and only next kristen comes. but they love each other too much…too too much.and i think she truly loves him or she would never have apologized to public, just understand wat it takes to do that.she must be crying into her walls now.Oh heavens hope everything is right between them!!!!!! i really do hope.

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