BFD Friday

With the TCA’s giving us something to get excited about, I tried to find some videos from the last time Rob and Kristen attended the award show together, but it wasn’t easy! They weren’t seen together that much, and I believe part of the reason is because their relationship was just taking off! The playfulness is there though, with Kristen impersonating Rob in the Twilight cast interview! And then she joked that his hair grows like a chia pet – which I don’t doubt with his beard growing so quickly all the time!

It also reminded me that some things never change, even 2 years later – the British boyfriend can’t stop touching his hair and the American girlfriend will forever make fun of him for it.


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One thought on “BFD Friday

  1. I was just watching one of the videos from Et on your BFD site. Taylor,Rob and Kristen were answering questions. Kristen talking about her parents being “crew” people in Hollywood,sounding so grateful for everything. Since the saga is over I was feeling so depressed. I am older than most ladies on these sites but age doesn’t change you inside. If you are Romantic at 16 you are still romantic when your older too.I have read alot of books, hundreds, and Twilight is my favorite. The movies touch my heart also. I appreciate all the work you fan sites do..Please find a way to save all these sites so we can come here when we want to smile at Taylor, laugh with Rob and be amazed by Kristen. Loving Twilight ……

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