BFD Friday: Comic Con 2011 Flashback

We are “vamping” up for Comic Con 2012 next week and are SUPER psyched that Rob, Kristen, and Mackenzie will be there, along with many other Twi-cast peeps! Let’s take a look back at the incredibly affectionate Robsten moments that CC 2011 brought us! As you can see, I couldn’t pick just one!

Rob and Kristen blatantly flirt on stage as we all stare at them with amazement and rape the replay button…(I especially love the 3:20 mark in the second video!)

Our favorite Kristen and Rob interview EVER where they continue to blatantly flirt with some occasional arm touches:

Rob teases Kristen about her ‘nerdy’ and ‘diva-ish’ cooking channel habits…only someone who lived with her and visited her in her trailer constantly would know that! 😉


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