Kristen’s Apology to Fans & Rob

A rumor has been circulating (since yesterady afternoon) that Kristen cheated on Rob with Rupert Sanders (SWATH Director) on July 17th. As much as we thought that this was a RUMOR, pictures have surfaced of the two of them sharing an intimate moment together as well as an official statement from Kristen:

“I’m deeply sorry for the hurt and embarrassment I’ve caused to those close to me and everyone this has affected. This momentary indiscretion has jeopardized the most important thing in my life, the person I love and respect the most, Rob. I love him, I love him, I’m so sorry,” Stewart said in a statement Wednesday.

Sadness and hurt is all what the Robsten community is feeling right now. Tears are streaking down my face as I post this, but I presume it was only inevitable, although I thought Rob & Kristen would grow old together.

News on their relationship is uncertain.

I believe that they can get through this, but its solely up to Rob at this point, if he can forgive her for this. We will keep you posted.

For more information on this, please head over to People Magazine.

Source: People Magazine

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88 thoughts on “Kristen’s Apology to Fans & Rob

  1. Rob will forgive her as where there is love no other thing can replace it.. and they both love each other immensely… but kstew should stop testing rob’s love and patience…

    • I agree with you completely….they really do love each oher like mad.and he will forgive her Jesus he should!!

  2. Im confused, cause the one picture i have seem seems old – kristen’s hair was black. But the fling is said to have happened recently. Also, i just find it ironic that during the four years kristen and rob have supposedly been together there has been maybe 2-3 intimate moments caught between them. But the one time kristen and rupert supposedly made out, there are paparazzi everywhere? Seems odd to me.

    • I feel the same way that you do! I mean, she and Rob hide their relationship so why suddenly she cheats on him and it’s in public..I think this is just a rumor and until Kristen herself comes out, and not in a magazine, in a video and tells her fans it is true then I wont believe it

    • YES this is exactly what I was thinking too. For four years they’ve been avoiding all kinds of press and we all rejoiced whenever something came up online, and now Kristen – who seems the more anti-press of the two – will go public on that supposed cheating act AND declare her love for Rob in a press note? Unlikely.

    • i’m also asking myself about the “official statement” from kristen, was it made from her assistent? Where the hell did it came from? I still have some hope

  3. This is heart wrenching and as much as I love them together, my opinion is that Rob should move on..My heart aches for both of them, but I just can’t get over the fact that she did this to him! Sorry, I know I shouldn’t judge.. 🙁

      • Definitely Team Rob on this one. I always respected K-Stew but this is morally problematic for me. I have read lots of message boards where people are writing “Why do you care?” To me, when I respect and admire someone it is extremely crushing when they act in a way that makes me lose respect for them. Lot’s of people are saying she is young and made a mistake but we all know she is mature beyond her years, and should know better. You don’t do that to someone you love. I wish the best for her but am definitely struggling right now to call myself a fan.

        I hope Rob gets through this okay, he should know that millions of fans are thinking about him right now!

  4. Stupid, Stupid Girl. Stay strong Robert. Everything happens for a reason. I think there is better out there for you.

    • How can u ppl call yourselves robsten lovers or even twilight fans its not ur fucking love life so stop telling rob wat to do for crying out loud wat they do offfffffffffffffffffffffff of screen shouldn’t concern us and just to stir this BS up some more I hope robsten can move get pass dis and move on TOGETHER!! AND when they do don’t come jumping ya crazy asses on the robsten or Twilight wagon 🙂

  5. This is truly heartbreaking! I hope they find time to heal, whatever that means. Rob will have to decide for himself whether he can trust her again and Kristen will have to go down on her knees and beg for forgiveness in order not to lose him. I trust that they both make the right choices. I don’t doubt their love for each other but am truly sad that Kristen did not the same.

  6. Come on! This is not true! Im sure of it. 😉
    Have you heard that liberty confirmed that it was her in the picture and not kristen? Have you seen larry richman and giovanni agnelli’s hilarious tweets?
    I know exacly which photos they have used to make it looks like kristen. You can find it too, just check out instagram and tumblr!!

    • Hi, i hope that it’s not true but, i have a doubt because of the picture, and you say that you know exactly which pictures they have used, so can you send me the link or just telle me which picture it was. Thanks in advance.

  7. I was coming from work when I heard the news and I was hoping that it wasn’t true but then I saw the picture and my heart is weepimg for him. As much I hate to say this I didn’t see the love in her eyes this tine around at comic con 2012.I always knew that she was going to cheat on him she sheated on angrano so now she does it again(once a cheater always a cheate) I’m hoping that he rebounds with someone more beautuful and better person than kristen and maybe she will realize what she just throught away…..

  8. I am heartbroken by this news. I hope Kristen told Rob what happened because all the reports are that Rob was blindsided by the news when his people were asked for a statement in response to the magazine running the article. My thoughts are with Rob and Sanders’ wife and children. You all deserve better.

  9. Stupid, Stupid Girl. Stay strong Robert. Everything happens for a reason. I think there is better out there for you.

  10. I’m still in shock. I feel so horrible for Rob. He must be beyond devastated. She just made him a laughing stock of Hollywood. Acting all lovely dovey at the Comic Con, out at the Bobby Long concert 2 days after this supposed incident and then showing up in matching outfits at the Teen Choice Awards! My heart is absolutely breaking for him. He was somewhat reclusive before as he himself has admitted more than once. Can you imagine what this will do to him! The paps will be worse than ever, if that’s even possible! He probably won’t be able to leave the house.

  11. Guys, I would just like to say that tho is not real.

    Here are the facts that are so obvious:

    1) This picture was supposedly taken 17th July. Kristen spent that day playing golf with her father in another state! And we have 1000 photos as proof!

    2) Kristen in this photo have a long, black hair, and every fan knows that her hair is not black since May when it was painted in brown for the BD part 2 re-shoots.

    3) Do you think that any paparazzo who stumbles on such a juicy story would made just one photo? Because they have only that one photo. No! Last week there were like 100 pictures of her just getting into the car and this is much more interesting for them. 🙂

    4) Us Weekly has, after they were attacked by fans because of this cover, removed the image from your own site. If this were true they would stand behind it.

    5) Rupert denied this nonsense and said that he is happily married and that he would sue this magazine for libel.

    6) Liberty (Rupert’s wife), has stated that in the picture, the one he is holding is her. s you can clearly see it is photo shopped! Look at the ear!

    There you are, these are facts and you decide who you believe, magazine who wants to increase sales (they are not the only one who is publish this kind of news about them) or me and millions of fans who believe them and support them.

    Robsten is still strong, we all saw that on TCA.

    I don’t know where you got the “official statement” but please, Robstener’s do not let this stupid rumor affect our love for Robsten. If you were truly a Robsten fan, you would know that they would never, ever, cheat on each other.

    • Hi, i know that it’s hard to believe, i don’t know what to believe to but one of your argument is not right. Kristen played golf with her father only the 20th not the 17th.

    • GossipCop has confirmed the news and the public apologies from Kristen and Rupert: that’s proof enough for me!… Plus I’ve seen the pics: they were NOT photoshopped!

    • This is true. Kristen did cheat on rob. I have seen more photos. Maybe some are little bit photoshooped, but its real. It is kristen and they are kissing and cuddling. And both Kristen and Rubert mad a statement saying how sorry they are. Kristen apologizing and saying how sorry she is and how much she loves Rob.

      So facts are this is real and this happened. But kristen feels really bad about it. And I don’t think they had an relationship. I think this was just a brief thing, stupid mistake. Like gossipcop said they didnt have an relationship. They also wrote – She made a mistake. She feels awful,” we’re told, but our source stresses, “She’s not with him.”

      Good thing she is not with him, and not expecting to be, he has a family and he is married. She mad an mistake, a very stupid on. But i dont think they had sex. I think they maybe meet a few times, and kissied and cuddle, nothing more. Kristen is NOT the typ to have sex just with anyone. She is a relationship person, not one how has one night stands.
      So now we have to leave Kristen and Rob alone, we and the fandom have nothing to do with this. They are just a normal couple, and she is a normal girl how mad a mistake. But because she is famous, this gets blown up.

      I am hoping in the future that they will solve this. But its robs decisions, so we have to see in the future what happened.

      Feel really bad for Rob. Stars crying when I think what he has going throw and how much he must feel bad right now. I am devastated right now

  12. What if Rob knew about this before we did. Maybe they’ve been woking things out and their Bobby Long date night is part of the recovery process.
    And if this really happened just remember that it takes two to tango. And also, who are we to judge?
    I still admire both Rob and Kristen’s work and will continue to support them in any way possible. What they do behind close doors is non of my business. They’ve always been very protective of their private life and I don’t see why now it should be any different. Let’s respect their wishes of keeping things private.

    • I agree with you. We have no idea what happens behind closed doors, who know what when and I am sure we will never know.

      It is hard not judge because we are hard wired to do so but I think people should remember if they decide to break up or stay together it is up to them, as long as they are happy in the end then that is all that matters.

      It will be hard to see them doing press for Breaking Dawn Part 2 together though if they do end it because that could be a lot of negativity floating around when you should be happy about the movie you made.

  13. I think it’s importent that we think about were the information comes from… because you can see very clearly in the photos of kristen and rupert that they’re photoshopped so this is all just so weird… I feel so bad for rob but at the same time I’m thinking about Kristen. She is just a normal person like everybody else and everyone makes mistakes. Even though this may not be forgivable I hope that they will stay together and that this will make them stonger as a couple by working on their relationship.

    God… I don’t know that to think anymore. I just can’t believe she did that. I’m just so heartbreaked.

  14. What a stupid fucking bitch..How could you do that to him…Sure you don’t know the limit of being wild, girl…Wild and Rock is okay…but cheating…hell yeah…i don’t like you anymore Kristen…

    and for Rob…you didn’t deserve this…

    • Let’s not call anyone names. Although Kristen has greatly surprised us by her behavior, I still believe she is that same sweet girl Rob fell in love with. It all comes down to the matter of whether or not Rob can forgive her for her actions.

  15. I didn’t want to believe this anymore than anyone of you. The first picture looked photo shopped, but from the looks of the others that have now surfaced, it certainly looks to be true. I know Rob is devastated and will be more so once these hit stands on Friday. I hope they can get through this if that’s what he wants to do.

  16. You cant be real fans of kristen if you belive in THIS SHIT! Its fake! So FAKE!

    Im really disappointed in you. How can you belive that kristen did that? She would never cheet on Rob. Never.

    People magazine and US weekly are lying!
    They always have and always will. According to them rob and kristen had been married, breaking up and moving together like 10 times this year.


    You can SEE that the photos are fake, you can find the photos of kristen that they have used when they made this story up. Just search on instagram twitter tumblr and you will see them all, that easy.

    And about that apology by “kristen”: that is also fake! Fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake. As long as there is no video of kristen talking about it i wont belive i any “apology”!

    Please understand that this is what media does when they have no stories to tell, they manipulate pictures and made up stories about them. Its awful. So mean. But the worst is that people belives in it!

    Change your mind please, there are a lot that proof that this is false.

    Robsten is unbroken!!

    Im sorry if my english is bad..!

    • This rumor is out of control!!! Some ‘people’ need to be fricking SUED! This is Degradation of Character. I’m soooo pissed, and I can imagine how disgusted Robsten is.

    • Thank you, so much. I started out strong, believing that it isn’t true, but I started to lose hope because of all the negative comments. But I stand with all the TRUE robsten fans. This is not real.

    • If the apology was fake then people would be getting sued all over the place and Kristen’s people would have come out with a statement saying that the apology was not made by Kristen.

      I would love for it to be fake but you’ve got to accept the facts and I’m sure you’ll get your video apology from her soon because her next interview will definitely have something to do with this.

  17. I am so sad about this story… I mean it’s funny to me how this can affect people who don’t even know them but it does at least to me. I wish it wasn’t true…still wish it isn’t. I just wish them well and hope they can get pass this. They make an amazing couple.

  18. THIS IS ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT!!! Please remove or at least discredit this post… cant believe you actually bought this shit.

    • I am only posting it because it contained an alleged quote from Kristen directly, acknowledging the circumstance. We, by no means, are agreeing with what the magazines are accusing her of–cheating. I think that they’ve been taken drastically out-of-context. I hope that you see that I am not trying to say that its true or untrue. I just wanted our followers to be informed of the BIG NEWS in the Robsten world, in case they missed it–to make them understand the severity and dispair that Rob & Kristen are going through at this current time.

      • If you are true fan of Kristen Stewart you would be 100% sure that this is absolutely fabricated. By posting such lies you are including yourself in the rumor mill, just as bad as the Tabloids. You would see past the sensationalism and protect her integrity, like other loyal site who have not posted this story. Like how Kristen see’s these things, they are annoying, but you only make them stronger by giving it attention. IT IS NOT TRUE!!!

        • I’m afraid you might be delusional. However, you’ll come to accept this time, I’m sure. Good luck.

    • I think is Rob is old & smart enough to make the best decision for himself… Correct me if I’m wrong but you don’t know him anymore than you know her… Let them decide whether they stay together or not.

    • I really don’t think u have a say in dat frankly if this is true I think THEY should make dat decision cause u kno it’s THERE life

  19. There are multiple pictures 🙁 It’s not fake…as much as we all want to believe it’s untrue…It’s not looking that way. How can Rob ever trust her again considering the industry that they live and work in? It requires they to become close to people in a way that is just not normal for us. And to be away from someone for months on end would put distance between anyone in a relationship. It’s just not conducive to a healthy solid relationship. Hollywood’s long lasting couples must just be incredibly strong or have open relationships! I don’t see how this is mendable but I’m crossing my fingers. Let’s hope this is not the end! I loved them together!

  20. I usually don’t comment on things like this, but you guys have got to understand that these allegations are totally false. Not only has Kristen herself stated that she doesn’t agree with cheating, but all of those photos have clearly been photoshopped and tampered with in some way. And even if in the car she was leaning towards him, people kiss on the cheek; that’s totally normal. Friends can do that. You develop a close relationship with people on set.

    I think it’s incredibly hypocritical of everyone- fans of theirs or not- to immediately move to namecalling and being really disrespectful and hateful towards Kristen. We have no idea what happened, so why is it our job to speculate? If it is true, which it’s not, I’d love for everyone who’s never made a mistake in a relationship to come forward and let THEM be the ones to judge; otherwise you have no right. What we should be doing now is as fans of both Rob AND Kristen, is coming together and showing our support, not tearing them down.

    We all also know that those gossip mags do everything in their power to make up stories and try to ruin people’s lives and reputations. I mean, how many times have Rob and Kristen gotten engaged, cheated, broken up, gotten pregnant, secretly married, etc? There is so much evidence against this story and I hope that you all see it as much as I do.

    And for everyone saying there was a statement released by “Kristen,” why on Earth would she go out of her way less than 24 hours after this rumor “broke” to not only confirm it to a gossip mag but then say she loves Rob and she’s so sorry?? That doesn’t even sound like the Kristen we know and love, who plays everything close to the chest. It’s taken all this time just for them to hold hands in public, but now she’s running to PEOPLE MAGAZINE for apologies?

    Come on fans. We’re all better than this.

  21. i don’t wanna believe any of this. =( i can’t sleep because of this. it’s probably a karma for me for too investing in a relationship that isn’t mine. i don’t even know them and probably won’t.

  22. I’m not completely 100% sure whether I totally believe this story, it is so unlike Kristen to respond to this stuff, true or not… I will need an official statement released directly from Kristen or Robert’s PR to believe it. BUT, if it is true, I believe that it is not for us to say whether Robert and Kristen will continue their relationship. I really think everyone in the fandom that supports them both, just need to try and calm down because unfortunately these things do happen, celebrities or not, these people are human beings, and situations like this arise sometimes. I think as fans, all we can do now is stand by them both and hope for the best. The best situation really, is that both Kristen and Robert will come out of this happy and okay, whether they come out together or single, is one thing, but as long as they’re both happy, shouldn’t that be a great thing, something we should accept? I think people need to stop buying into the huge deal the press are making of it, and I think we all need to try and give Robert and Kristen the respect and privacy that they deserve. After all, even though we love them, this is our ‘daily gossip’ in a way, even though that sounds horrible, but to them? This is their relationship, their lives. I just hope that this doesn’t have any affect on Kristen’s career or the final instalment of The Twilight Saga. I also hope that fans stick by her.
    However, if it is not true, then whoever decided to create this story, along with photo-shopping pictures and creating fake ‘official’ statements, needs to re-evaluate their life. Regardless of whether it’s true or not, this is just another confirmation of why I absolutely detest paparazzi and the media. This is not reporting world news, this is making money from someone else’s personal life. No-one has the right to take someone’s privacy away from them like this, how people get paid for it is beyond me, I say they should get a real job and become more focused on their own lives instead of someone else’s.

  23. This morning I was sure this was a hoax I looked at the picture and thought omg what next! Tonight I come home to statements from Rupert and Kristen apologizing, and sources all over stating this is true.
    I don’t WANT to believe it. They are the most private couple in Hollywood and it doesn’t make sense to me that Kristen would be making out with someone in a vacant parking lot! It took 3 years for Rob and Kristen to show some public PDA for pete’s sake! And that apology of Kristen’s to the magazine doesn’t make any sense to me either. If this is someone’s idea of a twisted joke they have not only hurt Rob and Kristen but their families as well. I would sue their asses off for this.
    Rob and Kristen hold on tight to that love that you have for each other, rely on your families for strength. I support you.

  24. There is a lot of things going around. The pictures are photoshopped (Sadly I think we know now that isn’t true) and that Rob and Kristen’s relationship has all been a PR strategy. I personally have never got that idea from them. Its been pretty obvious from day one that Rob had feelings for her and all the years of proof back up a much deeper relationship then just something for PR.

    My hope is that Rob already knew about this and wasn’t blindsided by the news. If she really loves him I would have hoped she would have come clean with this well before we all heard about it.

  25. “strictly Robsten” I follow you on facebook and last time I checked you had updated saying no one should trust the tabloids, am I right? And now you’re turning your back against Kristen and saying that Rob should move on? Okey..what if this wasn’t even true? Then what? It was you who told me that this is nothing. That this is just a silly rumor, just like everything else.
    Yeah fine, if Kris has been cheating, well too bad. But turning her my back because of it? Never. I’m a too proud fan for that, and should be too. They are stronger than before, just like YOU said, and they will go through this.I belive in Robsten. And I belive that they will fix this. Robsten do exist, and this is not the ending!

  26. I am so sad and devestated by this news. I do believe it’s true NOW, but hope that our fave couple is behind closed doors working things out. Lots of people have made this kind of mistake, and you have to realize that Kristen has been in serious relationships since she was a teenager. I love both Rob and Kristen and hope they pull through, but in their business it’s going to be tuff. I sincerely hope the reports aren’t true that Rob was blindsided by the news, like we all were. I would lke to think that she was forewarned enough to come clean with him herself, that would have been the grown-up thing to do. As much as the PDA was to a minnimum before, it will probably take forever for us to really know any kind of resolution between them. LET’S JUST HOPE IT’S WHAT’S BEST FOR THEM. I DOOOOOOO BELIEVE THEY LOVE EACHOTHER VERY MUCH!!

  27. Seriously… i tried making sense to the pictures.. my friends are graphic designers one of them works with Apple and he analyzed the first picture of the cover and he said it looks tricked we run test on it and bam.. it was like they needed to add a touch here and there but then we saw all the pictures and we knew it was impossible to trick that many pictures not even a pro could do that so sorry gurls the pictures are legit 100% i never liked Kristen but i tried to do this for Rob <3 now i seriously hate her not only because of Rob.. there's a wife and 2 kids involved heartless human being

    • Mistakes can b made and as going so far as to call someone heartless is a bitch move btw how can u dislike someone u don’t effin kno!!

    • i really didn’t believe all those crappy pics and it really seems that those were just photoshopped. thanks for posting that twitpic, gives me glimmer of hope that robsten relationship will continue to prosper. 🙂 Robsten Unbroken!! 😀

  28. Apparently kristen made an apology to Rob and fans,and rupert made another to his wife and children through their publicists. I don’t believe in their apologies because they are statements made by their publicits looking to save the neck of their clients (the pictures don’t lies)to me this is not the first time she has done this. Kristen and rupert are only sorry they got cut on the act because they’re affraid that they wont get another $54M weekend box office opening with the sequel of snow white so they looking for forgiveness from the fans……
    BTW how convenience is for her to declare her love for him now “I love him I love him” where was the love before YOU DON’T CHEAT on the person you love THE MOST! Rob please throws her out of your house and burn her clothes along with her love you deserve much much better dumb her, I’m sorry to say this but she is not worthy she has brought shame to your family name and yourself just to hurt her go out with kety perry. Hollywood is a well corrupted town.

  29. I can’t even freaking believe you guys (SO CALLED ROBSTEN LOVERS!) believe this shit.

    You’d turn on her that fast when we all know photoshop exists? And unless we see a video of her “apologizing” we shouldn’t believe she said any of that. It’s all a mess of shit for them to make money and get a reaction. Well, they win. Thanks guys. Loved this site before you just turned on Robsten that quick. Especially Kristen. You should know her better than that.

      • Ugh, I’m so done with all these people who claimed to know and love Kristen. And then BAM believe something a TRASHY GOSSIP MAGAZINE REPORTED without looking into all the facts first? Her apology wasn’t even give to People by HER a “source” said that she said that. The photos have now been PROVEN to be photoshopped and Kristen’s PR teams is working to get them slowly removed from the internet as much as possible. Can’t wait to laugh in everyone’s face when people realize we are definitely missing something in this puzzle and who knows who is behind it. But I’m definitely standing behind the fact that Kristen DID NOT cheat on Rob. Wish this site would have, too.

  30. I can’t believe that you call yourselves fans. No faith at all. When I found out about those rumors I was hurt. But I searched on it and realized that it’s a rouse to destroy a relationship. Kristen is a very private person. Why would she do something like that in public with a married man. I saw the pics where Kristen’s photo was taken and photoshopped. The woman in the picture is Rupert’s wife. Shame on the person who did that.

  31. First of all, if this is at all true (and I still really doubt it), I don’t understand why all the criticism is aimed at Kristen. The girl is friggin’ 22, she is allowed to make mistakes and be reckless. True, it isn’t right if you’re with someone you care deeply for, but it’s something she has to face with Rob, not us fans. She owes us nothing. In my eyes, them getting together is just a side bonus we all got from their portrayal of their characters. It made the fairytale complete, if you will. I think if anything, it’s that married man who should be judged more severely. Really, with two daughters and a wife, he should have known better. Not saying Kristen is completely innocent, of course not, but some proportion on this would be nice.

    Besides, as I’ve already commented someplace up there, I find it highly unlikely that after four years of avoiding any type of press imaginable and hiding their relationship, she would go so public with a confession and an apology. Not Kristen. It just doesn’t sit well with her character.

  32. This is sad to me! I am not robsten obsessed but I did think they were cute together. I feel bad for Rob because he truly seemed to love her and trust her in the sense that she was the only one who understood what he was going through being an overnight star, probs overwhelming especially for a low key guy like him. Then there is the wife who I can’t even begin to understand the heartache she is feeling….not only that but this is playing out in the media. How EMBARASSING for the two who were cheated on! As for Kristen and Rupert or watevs his name is: ZERO sympathy, its disgusting what they did no excuses and the blame is 50/50 they both were aware of what they did. End of story!!

  33. A person who works for people magazine has admitted that the statements from kristen was fake. Its on twitter!
    You have no proof that kristen cheeted on rob! Its all fake! Made up by magazines that just want a good story and money. How can you belive in this shit???? Open your eyes, all the photos are photoshopped!!!

  34. What I really hate about this story is that every website featuring it, including the ones unrelated to Twilight, Robsten etc., are focusing on the struggles of Kristen and Robert. Sure, they’ve been reportedly dating for several years and all but Rupert was married with children and I think that that is what is most scandalous and horrific about this situation but because it’s Rob and Kristen, practically no one is giving he’s poor wife and children a second thought.

  35. Jordon on 25/7/2012 @6.43 pm and Grace on 25/7/2012 @11.05 pm. Jordon and Grace I agree with everything you said and you both said it so well .Thank You.
    I would just like to add that I can’t believe how nasty and small minded some people can be,whether its true or not she is human and we all make mistakes. Would you like the sort of verbal abuse {Bitch ,slut,ug[y, heartless etc} that has been flying around the internet aimed at you. I know I wouldn’t.
    So grow up and take a good look at your own perfect lives before you start throwing stones at others.

  36. I am really heart broken and upset.i was on this same page for long three hours without flipping but believe me when i say that she needs another chance she gave one to rob didn’t she?I love rob and only next kristen comes. but they love each other too much…too too much.and i think she truly loves him or she would never have apologized to public, just understand wat it takes to do that.she must be crying into her walls now.Oh heavens hope everything is right between them!!!!!! i really do hope.

  37. Sorry, but 22 is old enough to know better. Her parents are still mariied. How would she like it if someone cheated with her father??
    However, I do think it’s odd that such a private person could allow herself to be photographed cheating. I’m beginning to think that the old rumors that the two of them are in an “open” sexual relationship are true. She may have only made the apology for Rupert’s sake – to save his marriage. She may have done it as a publicity stunt for “On the Road” where she plays the slutty Marylou. How she could admire that character was always beyond me.
    As far as judging Kristen goes – sorry, but you are judged by your actions. She would just make excuses all the time for everyone’s bad behavior? What she did was trashy. I hope that she gets enough people telling her that so she can clean up her act. I, for one, am tired of her filthy mouth, giving the finger, etc. If I were Rob’s mother I would be devestated to think that my son would be in love with someone like her.

  38. First why waiting until 25th July for the scandal if it was the 17th day supposing catch of this two. (To get time for photoshopping it)
    Secondly why did they show now more new pictures of the 19th July in her tiny short &Tee Addidas which seem in a way more interesting than posing near her car.
    Third no pictures of paparazzi shooting their house or cars or family etc…
    WEIRD NO SENSE & I can continue…

  39. she only apologized because her PR people made her do it because they are trying to solve he career and he images without Rob next to her she is nothing I dont care if she is a good actress but the botton line in hollywood is ticke box office (sales)and she has two movies that are going to be release this year. I know that she is taking all the blame because her fame but that rupert guy that bastard is even more at fault than her he is married with kids. BTW being 22 is not an excuse to cheat she is an adult and she shoud have knwown the consequences of her actions. I wonder if summit will have Rob along with her doing all the press and twicon together. Rob didnt deserve to be cheat one noones deserve to be cheat on I’m glad that his out of the house but I hope that he has F ck the hell out her and left all the shame with her before he left the house for good. Rob take that promise ring and all the presents that you gave to her and give it to fans all over the world I think I’m even more hurt than Rob by her dispicable actions

  40. check this out, made by a fan.

    if you look at the body rupert was hugging, you can tell its not kristen stewart. the body is too sexy. besides the height difference makes you question the pictures. liberty ross is a few inches shorted than her husband. kristen is short like a foot shorter.besides, it us weekly, they make up crap. and its people magazine that supposedly released a statement about kristen stewarts apology. why would she approach a trashy tabloid? she would’ve approached a reporter she knows like josh horowitz. we haven’t heard from her or anybody else because they are treating it like any other false rumor that has been released(she’s pregnant, she’s engaged, etc.) she’s just letting people think what they want and not have it affect her because its false.

  41. All of this smells really funny. I’ve seen all the pictures and guys you have to agree with me on one thing:

    Isn’t weird that in 4 years Rob&Kris have been together we’ve rarely seen pics of them just walking or making out in a car?

    That’s why there’s something weird about the pics of Kris&Rupert I’m not saying they’re not real. I just think its funny how Kristen doesn’t even like to be photographed at the airport and on this pictures she’s looking to the camera, Rupert also.

    Another thing that seems funny is that she gave a statement 24hrs later.

    I can’t claim that I know her but the little that we get to know about her, she doesn’t come out as a person with no morals. Its so not like her.

    I’m not in denial, I just simply think that there is more to this.

    And if it really happened I will still support her career, I still like her acting and everything. I have many flaws and sins so I can’t throw the first stone.

  42. I’m still upset by this and hoping it’s just some bad dream that someone will wake us all up from. Right now it’s hard for me to even look at a picture of them together without wanting to burst into to tears. I know that may sound crazy because none of us know them personally, but we as fans have been following them on their journey together and have watched them grow as a couple and it has been a beautiful thing to see. It makes absolutely NO sense to me why or how she could do this Rob. He worships the very ground she walks on and any fan of his knows that and has been able to see that from day one. It just hurts knowing that he was probably completely blindsided by the one person he loved and trusted more than anything in the world. And his betrayal is now being witnessed by the whole world. Just in the past few weeks at Comic Con, the night out at the concert and just on Sunday night at the Teen Choice Awards, he obviously had no idea. My heart is just breaking for him and I would love for them to be able to get past this if that is what’s best for him because honestly I can’t imagine the two of them apart. But I just really want him to be happy. And I also feel for Rupert’s wife and children as well. One other thing, if none of this were true, like some of you are still holding out, it’s been reported that Rob moved out of their house. How does one explain that? Sorry for such a long email, just had to get this out. I know of all people, you the fellow fans would understand.

  43. First of all I dont believe in the story, it seems to be fake.
    I think the main question what we should ask is:
    Would it make sense to fake the whole story?
    I only know that Robert left the house in LA (first page at all mags!) BUTBUTBUT he has to work on his new movie!
    And the strange thing is that Kristen is the main character in snow white, Ross the mother and Rupert the director. Would it make sense to fake everything to be >more< in public?
    To get higher quotes, more money and so on??
    People are buyable!

    What do you think?? People, especially actors, need the popularity in LA to be "somebody" in the whole hollywood factory. I know Kristen doesnt look like the posh girl who needs the money, but do we know whats her next film??

    Maybe the family knows about the whole fake story and agents created the pictures and photoshopped, why not?? Everything is possible!

    And as you all said we never saw intimate pictures of robsten, search on this page and from 100 articles there are only 2-3 with hugging, kissing pictures!
    So why NOW? Cheated in the middle of the day during lovely sunshine?
    I cant believe that!
    And come on guys, did u ever get a b*** job in the car?? Especially the man is working?
    I am 27 and i never did anything in the car, for what reason?
    Kristen and Rupert are famous and could spend their money on a hotel room or anything else.
    They would never struggle around in a park! I guess you all would find a better solution to cheat on someone!!

    I am very curious how the story ends. But I cant believe in this and I hope everything gets better. I really love Kristen and we fans have a small feeling of how she is in real and how her real character is. She is not the kind of girl who cheats on someone. Kristen is a clever girl, down-home, normal and self confident she wants to be with her fans, is friendly to them etc… thats why I cant imagine the story.
    (f.e. I mean the thing at comiccon where a fan wants roberts name plate and kstew says: oh you girl are so cool, cooler than us) 🙂

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