Rob & Kristen Win BRAVO-Otto Award, Pics + Interview Translation [Germany]

Full Kristen pic:

Interview [SCANS]:


“I remember this award very well, and I remember getting it for the first time”, says the 26-year-old happily. “It was in Munich and a lot of our fans were there.” It’s a pity that all those fans can’t also be here, today, when I hand over Rob his second award in the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills ($450 per night). I immediately notice: he doesn’t feign his happiness, it’s real. Rob is all smiles and presses the little Golden Indian to his chest. “If you win a prize that was given away fans, that’s the greatest thing”, he says happily.

Then he notices a second Golden Otto on the table. “Who gets this one?”, he ask wonderingly. Rob doesn’t know that his girlfriend and cast mate also left all the competition behind and was voted Best Actress of the Year… When he notices the engraving saying ‘Golden-Otto Winner Kristen Stewart’ he is completely speechless. “Wow, Kristen won as well? That’s really cool! She’ll be really happy about that!”

He’s right. Only a couple of minutes later I surprise Kristen with her award. And the tiny, usually very shy young girl, gets all excited. “It’s really heavy”, she says and laughs. And then, all of a sudden, she becomes sentimental: “Please tell my German fans that I’m so proud of this award. It means a lot to me, if they like what I so hardly work for on the set.” And the 22-year-old has another surprise: “We’ll probably be visiting Germany in the fall, for the premiere of Breaking Dawn Part 2.”

Thanks to @unbrokenkristen and Spunk-Ransom
Source: Instagram and Turning Point Robsten

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4 thoughts on “Rob & Kristen Win BRAVO-Otto Award, Pics + Interview Translation [Germany]

  1. I still love her too, and I pray everyday that someday we will see the truth..
    I still always feel that those scandal pics are fake and photoshop

  2. OH. MY. GOD. this is soooo gorgeous! JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL!!!! Awww! Makes me miss Rob and Kris together :(( that smile reminds me of those happy times! I MISS ROBSTEN! But I’m staying positive cuz I wanna c them again! I miss the PDA filled nights and all that! PLEASE BE OK ROBSTEN!!!!!!

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