Rob & Kristen Sighting at Bobby Long Concert – July 19

View HQs of Rob & Kristen leaving Hotel Cafe here.

@LittleLauren has apparently spotted our favorite couple at Bobby Long’s Concert in L.A. this evening! Hopefully pictures will follow?

  • I’m at Hotel Cafe for Bobby Long, Naia Kete, Jen Hirsh, Wake Owl and 1 more w/ @ellespice
  • Rob and Kristen are here! AWH YEAH.
  • Rob is in a backwards cap. Kristen in white cut off shirt
  • They LITERALLY walked right by me. Love this 🙂
  • It’s pretty dark in here and I’m totally not paparazzi. Sorry, no pics y’all.
  • They are up against the wall right now just hanging out. I’m pretty sure with his arm around her. 🙂
  • John is here with them along with a few other friends. Pretty much covering for them. Great time so far.
  • Rob is drinking a Stella. Kristen is just hanging out listening to Bobby rocking it out.
  • Seriously they are so cute together. He just kissed her neck.
  • Rob and Kristen have left the building, y’all. Thanks for the adventure!
  • The paps are here. Pretty sure that Rob and Kristen have left for good. SNEAKY SNEAKY.
  • Well John is still here…which means our couple is still here. 🙂
  • Rob and Kristen are hanging out in the green room. And we’re off to Kitchen 24.
More tweets + a pic of RK after the break! 



  • Kristen in a white concert tee! I touched her lol
  • Kristen is leaning on him 🙂
  • They are sharing Stella
  • They were especially touchy tonight :3


  • They just walked in behind my friend…se added “totally PDA”. Cute!
  • Taystew is there too.


  • Hitting hotel cafe Robert Pattison just walked in with Kristen Stewart 🙂

@Christleen [Troll]

  • Leave it 2 the only non twilight fan in the world 2 C Kristen twice in 1 day. & ths time she’s w/ that pale vampire fella
  • Just saw Robert Pattinson kissing on Kristen Stewart’s neck at the Hotel Cafe. #thatshitcray
  • Omg Rob and Kristen are dancing. Über presh.
  • Did anyone else just see that promise ring on KS’s finger? Über sparky!
  • Über sparkly I mean. Oops. KS is rocking bling bitches!
  • They’re still in the private room. So adorable! Hopefully I catch another glimpse soon!


  • Robsten are here at hotel cafe for Bobby Long! : ) stood 2 ppl away from them. I love them.


  • being in the same room as Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart & not doing anything abt it was the hardest thing I ever done
  • @ladyquinzy yes I was Kristen sure did recognize me we made eye contact a few times but I behaved wanted to respect them
  • rob and Kristen are dining at the same restaurant as us just a different location <3
  • what a trip seeing rob and Kristen twice In the same week damn I feel lucky<3


  • Yes RK wr hre. I dnt take pics of them when they’re on personal time. I dont tweet abt it until after they’ve left.
  • had a clear view of them throughout the concert but I have enough respect not to do a play by play of their actions – how sad orhers did it


  • I couldn’t tweet cause so many of his ppl where right info of us….but Lawd their conversation
  • Yes I was yet again close again but now I was legit rubbing elbows with Rob…
  • I feel like such a creep having heard most of their convos
  • I heard “I love you baby” during Dead and done…that’s how close i was
  • …seeing that Kristen had her back to his chest most of the time
  • Curly hair girl was with them
  • Rob said the I love you
  • Lots of kisses shared
  • In the mouth and forehead
  • My friends just spotted pappz. Out side
  • And I think her brother was here…Idk what they look like but he and Kristen bickered a lot
  • When she had her back on him she put her hands behind her to hold his hand cause a certain someone was getting handsy…..meanwhile
  • Oh when he said I love you her reaction was to kiss him Lawd
  • They in the private room….everytime someone opens the door we see them….in one occasion she was on his laps
  • Everyone drinking beer or alcohol but Kristen…she only had water
  • Kristen was so fucking loving and just akdndkdndkd i live their love
  • His black cap….her ripped up shirt from the back….looked like am animal print bra
  • Hat on backwards hair is still long not shaved
  • They were so chill then this girl behind US asked US yo give Rob a paper cause he knew who she was.. ignored the bitch… She took it upon Herself yo give it to them…he started reading it and then showed it to Kristen…she said “crazy bitch”…I kid you not
  • Bobby is in there with them
  • He always had a finger in her ACL pocket at all times
  • And they left


  • There was whispering, leaning on him, her head on his shoulder, rubbing her arm/shoulder. That’s 100% legit. 🙂


  • They just left hotel cafe.
  • Rob’s assistant was driving. Trolls need to GTFO.

@gringocochino [Paparazzi]

  • I was cussed at by Rob Pattinson……
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6 thoughts on “Rob & Kristen Sighting at Bobby Long Concert – July 19

  1. Who is @loveHoboGingers to be listening in on people’s private conversations and posting them online?
    And to all you Twihards out there that keep running into Rob and Kris when they are out and about at dinner and concerts….LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!! They are off the clock, so to speak. It’s their down time, not a Fan-Fest where you can do your own Meet and Great on the spur of the moment, nor is it a photo op or a autograph session. If you make eye contact with one or both of them say nothing. Just smile and nod your head in acknowledgment and go about your business and leave them to theirs.

    • I love that they are such a normal couple, doing these things. So I totally agree with what you said, but reading the tweets, I think most of the fans do respect their privacy in these situations, except for a couple of them who clearly don’t know their boundaries…

  2. So I’m assuming the chick who passed the paper must have written some sort of sexual thing to Rob. Considering she asked it to be passed to Rob directly, not Kristen, and that Rob handed Kristen the paper and Kristen called her a crazy bitch? That must be so irritating for both Kristen and Rob to have to deal with. They are usually pretty good with photos/fan sightings, and even if they turn the autograph down they do it politely. So it must have been one hell of an inappropriate thing that girl wrote.

  3. Rob must have told the pap to f..k off or something like that. This couple is just so facinating, it is hard for fans to control their thoughts or mouths. I probably would stare a hole through them if it had been me. I wouldn’t be able to help myself.

  4. he was so happy didn’t know what was coming poor thing and what good actress she is. It was like claiming him as her in public one last time because She knew already about that the picture where about to come public that was the reason her brother bickered with her because pf the similarity position they were with the cheating pictures Poor Rob my heart go tim. She really is a TRAMP

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