Rob & Kristen to Co-Present at MTV VMAs?

Although MTV has yet to confirm this claim, People magazine reports that Rob and Kristen were scheduled to present together at the MTV VMAs.

They are scheduled as co-presenters at MTV’s Video Music Awards on Sept. 9, followed by their massive promotional tour for the final film in the Twilight saga, Breaking Dawn: Part 2, due out Nov. 16.

I’m not completely sure how I feel about this, especially since they are going through a very difficult time right now. The MTV VMAs are a little over a month away, so maybe things will be better by then …? Only time will tell.

ETA: The MTV VMAs are on Sept 6th NOT Sept 9th. Surely People Magazine did their research before posting such an article. #skepticalnow | Source: MTV

Source: People Magazine

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7 thoughts on “Rob & Kristen to Co-Present at MTV VMAs?

  1. I’m so tired of seeing People magazine as everybodies source. They’re no better than the other rag gossip mags crap. If you want a source why not go to the real thing or at least go to MTV if you can’t get Rob or Kristin’s pr to speak to you.

  2. Things are going to be better alright, Rob will have gone on to a deserving woman. This would be completely awkward, hope it’s not true.

  3. I don’t believe this would happen. Rob is suppose to be filming Blacklist. I’m sure considering everything that’s happened they’ll have other Twilight representatives.

  4. Fingers crossed that they aren’t going to be forced into an awkward situation if they don’t want to be there, but we will have to wait and see.

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