‘Breaking Dawn Part 2’ Stills (Non-Digital Scans)

Source: EW

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2 thoughts on “‘Breaking Dawn Part 2’ Stills (Non-Digital Scans)

  1. These are so lovely. Thanks for sharing. I love how Robward holds both Bella and Renesmee in the exact same way in the first two stills 🙂

  2. Just look at the way Rob stares into Kristen’s eyes… How does a girl like her not feel loved and adored… I guess not everything we see is as it seems but I rarely see anyone look at their partner, spouse… the way Rob looks at her… With the exception of my aunt and uncle who have an awesome love for each other since they were 19 but as much he loved my aunt my uncle did cheat on her once during their marriage but he never lied to her about it, he straight out told her that he was attracted to another woman but that he still loved my aunt…Their marriage survived nonetheless… They are married now for 30 years.

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