Denise Cronenberg Talks Rob’s Style w/ GILT

Here’s an excerpt from the GILT interview where Denise Cronenberg talks about how it was like dressing Rob for Cosmopolis. One thing that she seems to emphasize in this interview is how well Rob wears a suit, and I think I can speak for all of us when I say that I most definitely agree with her 😉

We would have tried to take the wardrobe home after shooting wrapped. Does that ever happen? 
Yes, people do take, or try to take, clothing home during and after a film. Rob did take one of his suits home (we had seven of them), but I asked him if he would like one. He has so many suits personally that he really doesn’t need any more.

You did one hell of a job dressing Rob for the film. What advice would you give him, if any, for dressing for the red carpet?
It’s not difficult to dress Rob and make him look terrific. He wears suits so well, and Gucci fits him so well. My advice to him is to keep doing exactly what he has been doing—wearing Gucci. You can’t go wrong.

And how about for daily life?
Rob’s off-camera look is very relaxed, and it’s his personal taste. There’s also an element of trying to hide, with something like a baseball cap, but really, it’s comfortable. That’s who he is.

Picture Source: eOne Entertainment
Source: GILT

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