Exclusive: ‘Cosmopolis’ NYC Premiere Coverage

We’ve got the lovely Heather representing Strictly Robsten at the Cosmopolis premiere in New York City. Here’s what she’s been up to so far:

Interview! Apparently Heather and many other fans are being interviewed by the media. Unfortunately, the media has been emphasizing the recent ‘scandal’ rather than the reason why Rob is there in the first place — to promote Cosmopolis.

Just did an interview on camera and they asked me what I thought about the Rob and Kristen ‘split’ … I had a lot to say.

Not exact but: We need to stop listening to rumors and speculation and leave their personal life alone and focus on their careers

They asked what I thought about Kristen & I said I love her and support her and interviewed her in May.

Paraphrase: I said we shouldn’t judge and I’m not making any assumptions. No one should.

E news just interviewed @rosaliehale14 who came from brazil!

They asked about Rob relationship status and the girls said it doesn’t matter because they love him either way!


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6 thoughts on “Exclusive: ‘Cosmopolis’ NYC Premiere Coverage

    • Thanks for the link. Loved the article. I couldn’t agree more! I wish her and Rob all the love and support in their future endeavors; together or alone.

  1. Why is they talking about the scandal. This is really bad. I hate that they interview fans about it. This is not about that. This is about the movie, cosmopolis. And how proud rob is of it.

  2. Are you the girl who interviewed Kristen in the castle in UK? I didnt know 🙂
    That interview was so good and I dont understand how you could stay so cool 🙂
    Anyway, thank you for keeping this site running! And thank you for your supporting comments about Kristen and being drama-free.
    I couldnt agree more, its their lifes and noone has right to judge. We dont know what exactly happened and why it happened.
    Stay strong Robsten fans :-*

    • Hello its Heather! I’m the girl who interviewed Kristen! I’m new to the Strictly Robsten team! Thanks so much!

  3. Tks for the sharing…can’t agree more…no one can judge anyone for what they did, except God ! For the recent hatred, cruel comments and bad names for Kristen, they make me feel sad for her. Yes, she may do a bad thing, she may hurt her loved ones…but who can cast her stones? who has not ever made any mistakes? NO ONE…can they just leave her alone and let her and Rob solve things out????

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