EXCLUSIVE: Live! Q&A w/ @londonstew

At 9 PM EST on Wed., Aug 29th, our very own Heather (@londonstew) will be doing a Q&A session, answering all of your burning questions regarding her experience meeting and interviewing Kristen Stewart. There will be a few rules that I ask you to abide to: 1) No vulgarity. 2) Keep your questions reasonable & respectful. 3) The use of cuss words such as “fuck, shit, whore, slut, cunt, bitch” will not be tolerated and are prohibited. Heather will be given the right to answer whichever questions she wants to answer.

Please view Heather’s Popsugar: I’m a Huge Fan experience here: part 1part 2 | part 3 (the interview)

Full Transcript of our Q&A session:

heather: Hello! How are you!?

maddie :): u met her!?!?!?
heather: yes I interviewed her in England during SWATH promo

maddie :): was she everything u expected??
heather: yes she was Maddie! and more! She was very down to earth, super sweet, talkative, silly, all those things we love about her!

heather: I had someone ask me yesterday what she wrote when she signed my ON THE ROAD book at the end of my interview. She wrote “Hope you can keep up!” and her signature.
Melissa: What does that mean? Was she referring to the book?
heather: she said it was from the book! I had told her I’ve read the book so many times & loved it!

Roxysbh: does she give good hugs?
heather: yes she does!

Roxysbh: Heather, have you seen her wear the rings you gave her?
heather: I haven’t seen her wear them yet! She really loved them though so that’s all that mattered to me!

Ana: Is she prettier in person?
heather: yes! I know shes beautiful but wow! Shes stunning!

Yaritza: Were you nervous?
heather: A little bit. I didn’t want to mess up & look stupid! The moment I walked into the tent though I was fine & felt totally comfortable! It felt natural to me!

Stacey89: Is she really as down to earth and humble as she comes across in interviews?
heather: Yes she really is. I never once felt like I was talking to some “movie star” in the sense of the stereotypical stuck up person. I felt like I was talking to one of my best friends. She was concerned for me as well and asked me how I was doing a few times which was incredible

Roxysbh: How long did the interview actually last…..also after the taped part, did she stay to chat with you for a bit or was she rushed off?
heather: Can’t actually answer that for reasons that aren’t relevant but my interview was LONGER than they show in the youtube clip

maddie :): did she ever mention rob?
heather: No she didn’t mention Rob & I would never have asked her about him.

Stacey89: Is she more relaxed when a fan interviews her rather than the press, or regular interviewers during film promotions?
heather: I was told by other press & PopSugar that they couldnt believe how comfortable Kristen was with me & that they didn’t know how I did it! That was a huge compliment for me because I obviously wanted her to feel comfortable with me! I think because I actually care & wanted to ask questions about her career and fashion

Ana: Did you felt like you were talking with one of your friends?
heather: yes I felt like I was talking with one of my friends. I would forget that I was sitting & talking with Kristen & then my mind would click and be like This is happening. It was the (best) most insane feeling in the world.

Ana: Did you liked London?
heather: I LOVED LONDON. I’d move there in a second! haha! I really do love it there so much though! I live in the North East section of the US & England is VERY similar so it felt like home

Melissa: How did you come up with your questions?
heather: I came up with my questions by speaking with you and ones I’ve had that I’ve always wanted to ask and then taking from the experience that I had while in England; riding Rusty, dialect lessons, etc.

Guest_65: Sorry. Was she as sweet as she seems?
heather: yes She really is as sweet as she seems!

SparklyHBG: sup heather. did you get a good look at her ***? was it as great as it looks in pics?
heather: haha oh Ashton! She looks even more beautiful in person- trust me !

maddie :): did she laugh a lot?
heather: yes, tons! We both did! We were joking and laughing with each other for a good chunk of the interview!

Sam: People say that Kristen is tiny, but tall-ish? Does she have a small frame and how tall do you think she is?
heather: She’s about 5’6” I’d say. I’m 5’8” and she wasn’t that much shorter than me & we both had flats on.

HBGMysty: Hi Heather! have you had experience horseback riding or was that the first time?
heather: Hey Mysty! That was my first time on a horse & I didn’t hesitate one bit! I’m a huge huge huge huge huge animal person. I was absolutely ecstatic that I was going to get to ride a horse; Melissa actually told me to do that in England!

SparklyHBG: real question now: how long would you say was the real interview b4 the cut shiz out?
heather: I’m not 100% sure I can answer that but definitely longer than shown

Sam: Do you think she’s like any of her movie characters in real life?
heather: No I think shes a very unique & true to herself. I think she brings parts of her into each role, just like many of the super talented actors do, but she doesn’t fit into a mold of any of her characters . Its hard to explain on here I guess, I feel like i’m doing a horrible job but I love that about her. Shes just herself.

Jen: This might be an odd question..but when you hugged her..what did she smell like? Like was she a perfume type of girl? Or just natural smell?
heather: I reallllyy dont know haha I didn’t “smell” her per say. I just hugged her and that was it. Sorry for the lack of an answer there.

Lib: Now that you’ve met her, do you feel more protective of her? I imagine that your admiration grew a little bit more
heather: Yes I definitely feel more protective of her. & I’m already very protective of things I care about so it’s just part of my personality. I absolutely despise how the media has always treated her & I feel its gone to an extreme recently that isn’t acceptable. I didn’t hold back in NYC at the #Cosmopolis premiere telling a few journalists that I felt that way either

Stacey89: Is she really just like any other normal 22 year old? Just full of life and spur of the moment essence about her? I know that’s how I am at 22, haha!
heather: I’m 22 as well! (just turned!) Yes she definitely has that sense to her. you can feel that she has a lot of life experience but that the young, crazy side is still there! I literally got caught up talking with her like I do with my friends. I was so lost in the conversation I forgot there were a bunch of cameras and 15+ people watching me.

Melissa: Did you feel like Kristen was nervous? Or was she more relaxed?
heather: I felt like she was more relaxed. She was very talkative with me & joking around. She shared more and more with each question I asked. It might just be me but I feel like when you watch it you can see how relaxed we both were.

SparklyHBG: wht was your fav part of you interview? is there a question or answer you can remember that we migh not have been able to see? or just a sweet moment w/ K you’ll always remember?
heather: haha you’re getting into territory I might not be able to answer but I have a bunch of favorite parts!… THE ENTIRE THING! haha! I think the number one thing that stands out in my head is that when she left she went to another interview for a while and I was talking on camera about how I felt about the whole thing when she walks by and yells KICKING ASS AND TAKING NAMES! Cue water works. I started crying at that point. I didn’t expect to cry either- I was too happy to cry! I just got overwhelmed with emotions. She knew I was still there & I wasn’t anonymous anymore. Best. Feeling. In . The. World.

Guest_322: How did you feel when she complimented you in doing awesome in your interview?? I’ve seen your interview soooo many times! it makes me smile!!! she seemed so genuine!!
heather: Aw thank you so much! I felt like “wow, really?” It meant a lot coming from her.

Guest_44: hi heather! just wondering what the duration of the trip was?
heather: The duration of the trip was 6 days

heather: Someone had sent in a question asking what I would say to Kristen right now to let her know we’re all still behind her…
heather: It’s complicated because I dont think I’d ever want to bring it all up. I dont think its our place as fans to be that involved in her private life and I think the media is dragging it out over and over to make money. I think I’d focus on the good things in her life, tell her I’m pumped to see where her career takes her next, see the end of Twilight & that I know she nailed VampBella and all that fun stuff!

Stacey89: You said you talked fashion, can you give us any hints about her style? I absolutely adore Kristen’s style!
heather: We did! I love how she picks unique and isn’t afraid to wear something totally different! I really did LOVE that Balenciaga dress she wore to the Met Gala & she told me about how it was designed specifically for her. Her style is so relaxed otherwise though & I love it! Tshirt, jeans, sneakers. I’m like her in that sense, I feel more comfortable with myself when I’m dressed in things I love, not trying to impress anyone!

Liz: Did you see HBG?
heather: Yes I saw HBG! I got a picture with him actually! I can post it later, remind me! HBG is Kristen’s body guard! He has his own fan page! https://www.facebook.com/KStewsHBG <– here’s HBG’s facebook page!

emily: what sites did you visit while you were in london
heather: We were jam packed full of things to do every single day but I got to see the touristy places like Buckingham Palace, London Eye, Big Ben, Parliment & those fun places!

Lib: Heather I think that’s the best way we can show her that we still support her. See? That’s why you won “I’m a Huge Fan”
heather: Yes! Positive & supporting fans! Its so amazing to have us all here <3

maddie :): how did you win this contest? i can’t believe i didn’t even hear about it
heather: I entered the contest in April on PopSugars website.( I saw it posted on SR & twitter) Then I was chosen as a finalist & interviewed on Skype.

Melissa: So how did the whole press/interview thing work? Did everyone have their own tent?
heather: Yes. Arundel Castle was full of press! I was there the day E!, NY Times, Google & those places were all there. PopSugar had their own tent all set up so we had an amazing view of the castle!

Melissa: Did you see any media outlets that made you all giddy & excited to see?
heather: I really wanted to see Super Josh but he was there the day before with his 50 shades books walking around! haha! I was more excited to see the cast walking around so I didnt pay as much attention to the media outlets! I did have a bunch of them in my screening of SWATH the night before though!
Roxysbh: The fact that you could bring your Mom as well….how was that, is your mom a bit supporter of Kristen as well?
heather: It was awesome that I got to bring my mom! She watches all of Kristen’s movies with me, goes to see Twilight each year when it comes out, all that good stuff! She loves her as well!
Liz: Did she tell you say anything about Cannes?
heather: We didn’t talk about Cannes though if I wouldve had more time it was on my list of things!

heather: @ClaireRiese had asked me what I had to do to win this contest.
heather: I had to do an interview with PopSugar & answer a lot of questions about Kristen & what I’d do if I won & why I love her

guest_478: heather, do you have any of kristens clothing? or look alike pieces of clothing?
heather: Yes I do. A few pieces that I absolutely loved. I have the gray Believe tank top, Joy Division shirt ( I actually LOVE that band) & black velcro vans! I have other things that you might say are inspired by her style because mine is very similar.

Melissa: I don’t know if you can talk about this, but did you ask her any questions that weren’t included in the cut?
heather: Yes I did ask her questions that aren’t in the final cut.

Stacey89: Following up with Guest478 question, where do you find these pieces of clothing that are the ones Kristen has or similar piecs? I love love love her style!
Melissa: For those of you here that love Kristen’s style, Brittney (fashion editor for SR) has done up some lovely suggestions for Kristen look-alike outfits here http://www.strictlyrobsten.com/category/fashion/
heather: I search around! I know that Brittney from SR does a page where you can find similar things! I also will post on my twitter when I find similar things, or you can always ask me if you’re looking for something & I can try to help! I d love to do something at some point with the similar pieces that I have, if anyones ever interested, I love clothes & shoes!

SparklyHBG: read about you meeting HBG? did he look good in person?
heather: Yes, he looks very HOT in person! haha! I saw him & Ruth before seeing Kristen & it was like Well, I know you.

SparklyHBG: durring you intervew did you learn anything new about Kristen? or notice anything new about her?
heather: This is so random but one thing I did notice is that her makeup that day was epic. It was black and silver and sparkly. I loved it! I guess mostly I was just reaffirmed in my feeling that shes down to earth & a sweetheart. Her castmembers always saay that about her & she definitely is. No doubt about it.

HBGMysty: so shes really hot up close then huh?
heather: Of course! haha Very beautiful girl!

heather: Being able to go to her dialect coach was also an amazing experience! I already had a British accent somewhat, if you saw the first video, and my friends had been joking with me that I would use it in England without realizing it! I tend to do it randomly anyways! Barbara was so sweet to me & I learned a lot from her! The rest of the trip I kept switching to British so no one would think I was from the States!

heather: I’m truly thankful that you all loved my interview though. I really wanted to make you all proud and represent her fans in a positive light.

Lib: Did you see John or Ruth? John is her PA, right?
heather: I saw Ruth and she had a few other people with her and then HBG. All the stars had their own little entourage with them! It was really cool to see!

Lib: The day you met her was Rob’s bday?
heather: Yes! Mothers Day & Rob’s birthday.

heather: Alright I’m signing off here! Thank you all so much for coming & chatting with me! I hope you all had as much fun as I did! Its really great to talk to others who support Kristen just like I do! I run the SR tumblr so if you’re not already following us please do! http://www.strictlyrobsten.tumblr.com and always feel free to @ me if you’d like on twitter! @londonstew I’ll be at the BD premiere in LA with Melissa so if you’re going to that- I’d love to meet you!

Melissa: Thank you so much to Heather for doing this! I know alot of y’all had some questions you wanted answered about Kristen! Be sure to follow her on Twitter @londonstew and you can follow me on my personal account @melmo2632 <3 Thank you all for participating! *round of applause*

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  1. Hi i don’t have something to ask all i want to say is i hope and trust that everything will be ok love you kristen and I support you all the way mistakes happen 🙂 BTW I’m a huge twilight fan love all the movies can’t wait to see breaking dawn part 2

  2. I loved the interview! Always makes me happy to see that, you did a great job 🙂
    But I have to say Im little bit jealous too 😀

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